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Meeting Minutes - December 5, 2007

10AM Totman Room, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell – President
Lisa Chapman – Secretary/Treasurer
Barbara Smith – Advisor
Erin Switzer – Member

10AM Meeting Open – We decided to stay in the Commuter Lounge for an informal meeting.
1. Recognition for Nontrad Grads: Kat found out we wouldn’t have time to get funding for a graduation party or tokens of appreciation even if we were made an official club. Barbara S. took steps to get us funding, again, through the Dean’s Office. Thanks to Andrea in the Dean’s Office we are able to put a half page ad in The Maine Campus congratulating the over 160 nontrad graduates this fall. Barbara sent Kat names and Kat designed the ad. We decided to continue collecting names through next Wednesday and submit the ad on Thursday for publishing in the Monday, Dec. 10 edition. [I forgot to pick up a copy while I was on campus today. I hope it came out okay.]
2. Token of Appreciation for Nontrad Grads: Barbara S. suggested one of us seek assistance from the bookstore in achieving our goal of having a token of appreciation to give to nontrad graduates at the upcoming party. Kat was pleased to report that the bookstore was quietly generous in providing these tokens, and welcomed us to visit in the future to see if they could help us out again.
3. Party for Nontrad Grads: Due to lack of funding for food and supplies, we had to drop plans to hold a graduation party just for nontrads. Barbara S. will continue as originally planned to hold the joint commuter and nontrad party in the Commuter Lounge.
4. Status of Club: Discussion of the legal situation ensued. Student Government will not recognize us unless we fill in that legal question on the form and without any edits. Kat had sent an inquiry to the free legal services provided to all students to find, not surprising, that they could not advise us because they work for Student Government. She further asked if any other students had already sought legal advice on this issue, so she could speak with those persons, but apparently we are the first to question it. Until we can afford legal advice on this matter, we will not be signing ourselves into possible liability and will continue to question its purpose through whatever channels are available to us. Barbara S. suggested meeting with the Director of Campus Activities and Events. Kat sent him an e-mail attempting to set up a meeting the following week.
5. Athough not discussed at this meeting, it is important to note that on several occasions, but not mentioned in meeting minutes, members discussed the appropriateness of using the okapi, also known as the forest giraffe, as the club mascot. Expect this issue to come up again next semester!

Meeting adjourned at 10:50AM

Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell, President


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