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Meeting Minutes - December 3, 2008

9:30AM Commuter Lounge, Memorial Union


Kathleen O’Connell, President
Barbara Denaro, Vice President

Old Business
1. 2008 Holiday Sharing Program: I found a cardboard box and put it under a table that Barbara Smith had chosen for the drop off area. Barbara Smith had a Christmas tree from past drives, so CNTSP put that up and created snowflakes with gift suggestions on them to hang on the tree. Kat and Barbara Smith made a sign to put on the table. Barbara also created a box to hold cash donations. CNTSP staff will also be putting donations away in a safe place at night and helping deliver them to the Bodwell Center on the third floor as necessary.
2. Barbara Denaro and I discussed how busy our schedules have been and how we haven’t been able to complete any new projects. Barbara suggested sending mail to NSA members about meetings to garner more members who might be willing to donate time to projects. She also suggested holding meetings every other week. Kat thought the original premise for holding a weekly meeting was still viable. Even if we have no current projects, we brainstorm ideas for other projects, and it’s easier to set aside time for a weekly meeting. Barbara also suggested writing out a clear set of goals or agenda for our next meeting on the previous meeting’s minutes. This is something I have tried to do, though again, time constraints are an issue. We discussed our schedules for next semester. Since neither of us are set on classes yet, I will send out an e-mail later to schedule a meeting time for Spring 2009 semester.

There will be no further meetings of the NSA this semester.

Meeting adjourned at 10AM. Minutes submitted by Kat O’Connell


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