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Bylaws of Nontraditional Students Association (NSA)


The name of this association shall be Nontraditional Students Association (NSA).

ARTICLE II – Objective

The objective of this association shall be:

  1. To assist nontraditional students in adapting to university life.
  2. To identify specific issues relating to nontraditional students.
  3. To act as an advocate for nontraditional students.
  4. To develop programs, services, and information that improves the university experience for nontraditional students.
  5. To develop understanding between nontraditional students, university staff and faculty, and traditional students.
  6. To promote networking, mentoring and friendship among nontraditional students.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Membership is given to any person who attends the meetings or events of the NSA or registers with the officers of the NSA.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

The officers of the association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations and Events Director. Officers shall serve until a successor is elected. Elections will be held during April each year or as needed to fill vacancies. Sufficient notice of the dates of nominations and elections must be given to all registered members.

Update History
v1.00 – 04/02/2007
v1.10 – 04/12/2008 ARTICLE IV amended to add “or as needed to fill vacancies.”                                                                                                      v1.20 – 10/08/2011 ARTICLE IV amended to add “Public Relations and Events Director.”