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The Non-Traditional Students Association (NSA) was founded in the Fall of 2006 by Kathleen O’Connell and Barbara Denaro. Our mission is:

  • To assist non-traditional students in adapting to university life.
  • To identify specific issues relating to non-traditional students.
  • To act as an advocate for non-traditional students.
  • To develop programs, services, and information that improves the university experience for non-traditional students.
  • To develop understanding between non-traditional students, university staff and faculty, and traditional students.
  • To promote networking, mentoring and friendship among non-traditional students.

Who are Non-traditional Students?

  • Students who are assuming responsibilities in addition to studies, such as parent, spouse or partner, family caretaker, or employee
  • Students who are back in school after several years of employment, homemaking, or other activity
  • Students who are veterans of the armed services


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a MaineCard? Even if you are only taking one class, the MaineCard costs nothing and comes with these great benefits: free rides on the BAT, discounts at local businesses, and $16 for printing on the university computers. Get a thumb drive, put your class projects on it, and print them from the university computers. That $16 for printing is well worth using!

How do I print? You can print from the university computers or via your own laptop, but may need to find out exactly where the printing goes. For example, printing from the computers in the Commuter Lounge sends the print request downstairs to the Union’s computer center. There is a charge for printing, so you’ll need your MaineCard, but the first $16 is free each semester. You can make double-sided copies and color copies, but you’ll need to find those printers before you print. One of the printers in the Union’s computer center will print double-sided and there is a color printer in the library. If you need a professional print out or binding for a class project, Printing Services on campus can handle that for you. A 12-page color portfolio with binding can cost under $10.

Where can I make copies? Copy machines are available in the library. If you put some funds (called Black Bear Bucks) on your MaineCard, you can swipe your card to make copies. Those machines only make single-sided copies. If you want double-sided or color copies, call Printing Services.

Where are quiet places to study? The library is an obvious location, but the quiet areas may be difficult to find. Investigation will reveal nooks at the end of aisles in the middle of the library (The Stacks). The Union is quite large and contains seating areas along hallways that can be quiet study areas, such as those on the 3rd floor. The lower floor also contains some quiet seating areas. The Coe lounge on the 2nd floor is usually open and quiet, but is also sometimes reserved for special meetings. The NSA reserves the room for an hour or two once a week during the semester for the use of non-traditional students. The two weeks before and during finals, a room or two in the Union is reserved for any student to use for study—notices are usually posted in the Commuter Lounge and on FirstClass. Most classroom buildings have study areas. Aubert, Neville, and Nutting, for example, have large foyers with tables and chairs.

Where do non-traditional students hang out? You’ll almost always find a non-traditional student in the Commuter Lounge on the second floor of the Union.

Current 2016-2017 Officers:


Lacey Darling;  President/ Co-Treasurer                                Monica Littlefield; Vice President


Advisor: Barbara Smith; Staff Associate
Commuter & Non-Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP)


Please visit our Discussion Board on FirstClass for the latest news.

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