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Farm Scoop November 2012

by Richard Brzozowski, Extension Educator, Cumberland County and Tori Jackson, Extension Educator, Androscoggin-Sagadahoc Counties


Beef Conference

The 23rd Annual Maine Beef Conference, “Becoming a More Successful Marketer,” is being held December 1st, 2012 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor, Maine.  The conference is being hosted by the Maine Beef Producers Association, Maine Grass Farmers Network and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. We would like you and your business to be a part of this year’s exciting program. For more information contact Donna Coffin or call 207-942-7396.

Break Even Calculator for Poultry Enterprises

A break even calculator for poultry meat and egg enterprises has recently been revised by its original developer, Adam Hady of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. Adam has given permission for UMaine Extension to distribute it to producers in New England. Email Richard Brzozowski for an electronic copy of the excel spreadsheet. In addition, we plan to have a webinar on using the calculator. This spreadsheet could be a very handy tool in calculating your costs and determining a profitable price of the poultry meat (any poultry species) or eggs that are produced on your farm.

The 60-minute webinar is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, December 4 at 7:00 pm. Please contact Colleen Hoyt or call 207-781-6099 for more information.

Soil Sampling Before the Ground Freezes

If you sample your fields now before the ground freezes, you can hold the samples until after January 1, 2013, when there is a window of opportunity for a reduced fee for analysis ($12 instead of the regular $15). Make sure you label your samples for storage. More information on soil analysis and pricing from the Maine Soil Testing Service laboratory in Oronois is available at their Web site.

2013 Cucumber Project

Extension Educator Richard Brzozowski has an idea for a cucumber/pickle project next year. It is limited to farmers and growers in Cumberland County. To find out more about the project, contact Richard Brzozowski or call him at 207-951-7155.

Cull Cows

On average, how many cull cows (dairy or beef) do you send off your farm each month? UMaine Extension is looking into the possibility of helping dairy and beef producers get a better price for those cull cows in good condition by having the cows processed locally and sold as ground meat to institutions in Maine. If you are interested in possibly participating in this project or want to provide some input, please contact Extension Educator Richard Brzozowski or call 1-800-287-1471.

Chainsaw Safety DVD

Do you or those on your farm need a brush-up on safe chainsaw use? UMaine Extension has received a DVD on chainsaw safety from Stihl. This safety video applies to any make of chainsaw. To borrow the DVD, please contact Colleen Hoyt or call 1-800-287-1471.



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