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Student Organizations - Student Heritage Alliance Center

Mission Statement

We, the members of SHAC, are committed to uniting people of different cultures and backgrounds in an environment where everybody is welcomed, and where leadership roles are developed in the context of Multiculturalism.  We promote multiculturalism in the school community and acceptance and appreciation of it.

SHAC is currently in the process of transitioning to a Representative Board status effective September 2007.  Therefore, for the remainder of the Spring 2007 semester, SHAC will be devoting much if its time and resources to the drafting  new governing documents and reorganization of its structure.  The officers of SHAC appreciate your support!

For more information on SHAC and its role at UMaine, please contact us at 581-1425.

SHAC Members

SHAC Members


SHAC Members

Midnight mosiacMidnight Mosaic is a festival of colors and tastes. It is an annual event held at the beginning of every year where different multicultural student organizations present their exhibitions, food, music, dances, games and many other traditions. The talent show at the end of the night is where beauties and talents around the world come together. Co-sponsoring this event were ISA, ASA, AfSA, AIUM, LASO, BSU, NASA, CSSA, Belly Dance club and French club.

WinterballWinter Ball is an annual event that is held at the end of the Fall semester.  This is a formal dance that everybody dresses up in tuxedos and gowns; the event has amazing decorations and delicious food and drink.  The dance is open to everybody, but usually attracts a lot of multicultural/international students.  The even so far has been non-profit.

Spring danceSpring dance is an annual event that takes place every year at the end of the Spring semester. This is a beautiful night where we dance and celebrate in a fresh atmosphere of a new spring.  The dance so far has been non-profit and like the winter ball, it attracts a lot of multicultural as well as international students.

We welcome any UMaine student to become a member of SHAC.

Be a part of our cultural celebration!

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