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Turbine Modelling

Model Scale Turbine Testing for Numerical Simulations Validation

In order to validate the empirical life model for the FVM, a set of experiments was conducted using NACA 63018 blades at different toe angles, tip speed ratios and free stream velocities.

Because of the complex nature of the problem, an empirical lift model based on a theoretical foundation in approximating the known asymptotic limit values was developed to account for the dynamic stall behavior.

Turbine Wake Analyses

  • An Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) is used in the tow tank to measure the 3-dimensional flow field in the turbine wake.
  • The data will be used to determine the dissipation with respect to the distance from rotational axis and solidity ratio.

  • The model will be used to predict the turbine wakes and will be compared to experimental ADV data.
  • This information will be implemented in existing high resolution ocean circulation models used to evaluate the environmental impact and optimize array parameters.
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