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Modern Languages and Classics

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Study Abroad Programs - Study Abroad in the Ancient Mediterranean

Study Abroad in the Ancient Mediterranean

General Information:

May 12-25, 2008
HON 310, HTY 393, MLC 293: Travels in the Ancient Mediterranean
3 credits
Jay Bregman, History
Nancy Ogle, Music & Honors
Tina Passman, Classics & Honors


Travels in the Ancient Mediterranean will take you to the world of Ancient Greece. In this course, you will see the places where the western world was born, a cultural cauldron where, at various times in her history, the land that would become Greece gave birth to democracy, to great art and literature, and to our contemporary world.

On the mainland, we will explore Athens and its classical monuments on the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Erectheum, the Agora and other Attic sites. We will visit some of Athens’ great historical museums. We will go to Eleusis, where we will see the place of the great annual mysteries dedicated to the goddesses Demeter and Persephone, in which initiates underwent a salvific experience of renewal.

We’ll also visit Delphi, high in the awesome Parnassus range, where the Oracle of Apollo guided the Ancient World; and its museum, which contains important finds including its impressive stadium, better preserved than Olympia; its classical Theatre and Temples.  And we will travel to Epidaurus, with its sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of medicine, and its fourth-century theatre, the best preserved in Greece.

We will visit the island of Santorini, where an ecological disaster destroyed an advanced Bronze Age culture, thought by archeologists to be the basis of Plato’s Atlantis legend.  See Naxos, where myth tells us the abandoned Cretan Princess Ariadne awaited the god Dionysus.

Join us in this amazing opportunity, led by three University of Maine faculty members, to experience the old and the new, Greece then and Greece now, in Mayterm 2008!

For more information:
Please contact Dr. Tina Passman
Tel. (207) 581-2089

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