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Study Abroad Programs - Study Abroad at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela


The city of Santiago de Compostela (population 93,000) is located in northwestern Spain in the autonomía of Galicia. Santiago has been a major place of pilgrimage in the Roman Catholic church since the 9th century when the discovery was made nearby of the alleged bones of the apostle Saint James. Outside the city of Santiago, the Galician autonomous state is mainly agricultural, though fishing and timber are also important. Although the people in the four provinces speak Galician in their daily lives, a language which closely resembles Portuguese, they also understand and speak Spanish.

Universidad de de Santiago de Compostele Courses at the university are taught in both Spanish and Galician. The University of Santiago de Compostela is located in buildings throughout the city, and recently celebrated its 500th birthday.

Fields of Study available:

A minimum 5-semesters Spanish language study required for Santiago.
In addition to pursuing course work in Spanish language, literature, and culture taught by the Instituto de Idiomas especially for international students, UMaine students may enroll in one or two classes with University of Compostela students in the departments of Art History, History, Geography, Classics, Philosophy, Anthropology, Spanish Literature or Linguistics.

All courses are taught in Spanish.


Universidad de Santiago de Compostele Student housing is scattered throughout the city of Santiago de Compostela in publicly and privately owned student residences. The SUR (Servicio Universitario de Residencias) maintains a listing of available housing. Meals may be taken at reduced rates at one of the student cafeterias throughout the city, eaten at local restaurants, or cooked for oneself. Bus service throughout the city is excellent.

The University has an active student life with regularly scheduled concerts, opportunities for involvement in sports, lectures, movies and a whole variety of student clubs and organizations.

For more information:

Please go to or stop by the Office of International Programs Winslow Hall 100, or the Study Abroad Resource Room, third floor of the Maples, for more information. Tel. 581-2905.

Professor Kathleen March (581-2088) in the Modern Languages & Classics Department serves as the faculty advisor for this program.


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