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New England Universities in Salzburg - Salzburg


There are a few things that you should know about Salzburg. First, the rich heritage of the medieval Salzburg is still alive in this modern city, beloved by its citizens. Behind the magnificent church facades, year-long pageantry and Austrian charm is a deep and abiding faith and a willingness to share. Did you know that Salzburg was for many centuries an independent city-state ruled by an Archbishop? Did you further know that St. Ruperti is credited for beginning the salt industry in Salzburg and is now the city’s patron saint?

Second, Salzburg is a tourist town in every sense of the word. As birthplace of Mozart and the home of the “Sound of Music’s” Van Trapp family, Salzburg attracts hordes of tourists to her streets during the spring and summer. The Altstadt is continually abuzz with swarms of sightseeing groups, all led by an umbrella-armed tour guide. But never fear; these crowds have not pervaded everywhere. You can still escape to a secluded park or a bench along the Salzach river or a trail on the Mönchsberg for a quiet moment to yourself, in addition to an active and diverse student life.

The University of Salzburg is both a major university with a long academic tradition and an important crossroads in the European academic landscape. Expect to be attending classes with German speakers from Norway and Portugual, from Honduras and Yugoslavia in addition to the Austrian students. Your classes will be taught by Oxford educated Iranians and Berliners educated in Paris, the university is truly a global place. The University of Salzburg is comprised of four “Fakultäten” or schools: Theology, Law, Humanities, and Natural & Physical Sciences. These schools are in turn comprised of “Institute” (departments). For example, the “Geistewissenschaftliche Fakultät” (School of Humanities) includes the “Institut für” Germanistik (German Studies) and the “Institut für” Romanistik (Romance Language Studies) and so on. The various departments are scattered throughout the city and there is no “campus“ as such. The addresses of the schools are all listed in the “Vorlesungsverzeichnis“ the university course catalogue. The most convenient way to access the course listings for any given faculty is to look in its World Wide Web page. To locate a particular Institut or “Hörsaal“ (lecture hall or classroom), look up the address in your “Vorlesungsverzeichnis” and then consult your city map. Most institutes are located on or near Akademiestraße or in the “Altstadt” near the Residenz. The Residenz was formerly the palace of the Archbishop but now serves as the main administrative building of the university. The Biology and Psychology departments and a student cafe are in the magnificent new buildings on Hellbrunner Straße in the “Naturwissenschaftliches Gebäude”, or NaWi for short.

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