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Kathleen March - More about me


SUNY at Buffalo            
BA, Spanish, Cum Laude 
SUNY at Buffalo            
MA in Humanities, concentration in Latin American Studies.
MA Project: Attitudes of Brazilians Toward Continental Portuguese
SUNY at Buffalo            
MA, Spanish 
SUNY at Buffalo            
PhD, Spanish, Departmental Distinction (1980).  
Dissertation: The Cosmosvision of José María Arguedas: A Literary, Linguistic and Cultural Approach
University of  Maine      
IPhD, Creativity (2002).  
Dissertation: Sea Words: De mar a mar.  (postmodern novel)
1979-1980                    University of Missouri-Columbia
1980-1981                    Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ESL)
1981-1984                    The Ohio State University
1984 – present              University of Maine
Areas of specialization and research:
Galician Studies, Translation, contemporary Hispanic literature, service-learning, Indigenismo
What I did on my sabbatical (Fall 2008):
I taught two online courses – yes, it was on sabbatical - and went to Galicia in late October.  While there, I was invited by the University of Birmingham, UK, which has a Centre for Galician Studies, with support from the Xunta de Galicia.  I taught a master class on translation, on the topic of the cultural context for ‘Translating Rosalía de Castro’ and gave a lecture on María Xosé Queizán’s ¡Sentinela, Alerta!, as a modern-day feminist ‘translation’ of Rosalía.  It was an opportunity to meet people and share ideas on research, Galicia, and much more.  Returning from the UK, I gave a paper on the Galician playwright Jenaro Marinhas del Valle in A Coruña and another on translating Claudio Rodríguez Fer‘s book of poetry, Tigres de ternura, in Rianxo.
Awards and Recognition:
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Award for Service. 2008
Maine Campus Compact Donald Harward Award for Service-Learning Excellence.  2008
Senior Fulbright Specialist. 2006 – .  Selected to go to University of Chernivtsi, Ukraine.  October 2009. To teach English as a Second Language and lecture on American Studies at undergraduate and graduate level.
Fulbright Scholar 1977-1978.  Study of Gerardo Diego‘s creacionista poetry.  Madrid. Articles published on Gerardo Diego from research.
Translation Studies:
Edited Books:
Homenaxe a Ramón Martinez López  
Proceedings of the First Galician Studies Conference  
Current Projects:
Edition of Tender Tigers and other poems, with illustrations by Kimberleigh Martul-March (Galician to Enlish) (submitted)
Translation of poems by Carmen Blanco (Galician to English)
Translation of poems by Eilean Ni Chuilleanain (English to Galician)

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