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Department Events - International Potluck Dinner

The International Potluck Dinner

spanish club

The Spanish Club

held on Dec. 3, 2010 in the Multipurpose Room (Union) was a big success. It was organized by the French Club, Spanish Club, Classics Club, German Club, Asian Student Association and African Student Association. Many students from the Department of Modern Languages and Classics participated in this nice event. Thanks to Alisa Rhodes, UMaine English, Romance Languages ’11, President of the French and Spanish Clubs who had the idea and was the main organizer, and for the support from Professors Jane Smith, Kathryn Slott, Raymond Pelletier, and Anette Rodrigues and Maria Sandweiss.

food table

A sample of the fine selection of food featured

food table 2

More food that was featured

Prof. Pelletier

Professor Pelletier dining with students

asa and german club

Members of the ASA and the German Club enjoying the meal


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