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Water Institute Research 2014

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Phosphorus Cycling in Lake Auburn Connecting Land Cover and Climate to Sebago Lake

Controls of phosphorus cycling in Lake Auburn, Maine, USA: Spatial and temporal interactions among sediment, water column, and climate change

Lake Auburn, Maine, serves as the major drinking water source to the cities of Lewiston and Auburn. It has historically had high water quality, as characterized by consistent low turbidity and a nonexistent or mild hypolimnetic anoxia; as a result, the water from the lake has been exempt from filtration by the EPA…

Connecting Land Cover and Climate to Sebago Lake Drainage Network Processes

This project seeks to quantify connections between physiographic setting, land cover, climate and hydraulic conditions within tributaries draining to Sebago Lake in southern Maine. The interest in the connections is based on the assumption that changes to the tributaries resulting from human activities has implications to water quality and aquatic habitat conditions in the lake and its surrounding satellite ponds…


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