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Fri, Apr 19 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Advanced Computing for Everyone Brown Bag Series
Intro to ACG Cloud Computing (CC)

How much of your research depends on a single PC working correctly? How long would it take to recover from a hardware failure? Tired of maintaining computers? Want to spend more of your time on your research and less time (and money) on computer maintenance? Want to share a dedicated computer among multiple users with little risk? Want reliable, cost effective, and fast computing power? Realize all this and more with virtual machine (VM) technology. VM allows you to design a custom built
“machine” or a copy of an existing computer’s specs to be stored and retrieved on any designated computer. VM’s are regularly backed up and provide integrated software management.

Presented by Advanced Computing Group (ACG) and Maine EPSCoR. (107 Norman Smith Hall, Mitchell Center)

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