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Faculty Experts Guide - Aram J. K. Calhoun, Ph.D.


Office Address:
Nutting Hall, Room 240

Mailing Address:
Department of Wildlife Ecology
5755 Nutting Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5775

Contact Information:
Phone: 207/581-3010

Media Expertise:
Wetland Ecology
Natural resource planning

Research Interests
Vernal Pools
Wetland Ecology
Microbial Ecology
Sustainable Science

SSI Projects
Protecting Natural Resources at the Community Level (Vernal Pools)


University of Maine, Ph.D. (Plant Biology and Microbial Ecology)

University of Rhode Island, M.S. (Natural Resources Science and Wetland Ecology)

Rhode Island College, M.A. (Education)

Brown University, A.B. (American Civilization)

INT 475: Field Studies in Ecology
WLE 423: Wetland Ecology and Conservation
PSE 413/PSE 533: Wetland Mapping and Delineation

Professor of Wetland Ecology, Department of Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine

Director, Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program

Researcher and Research Council Member, Sustainability Solutions Initiative


Aram Calhoun is a wetland ecologist and faculty member at the University of Maine. Her research focuses on wetland ecology and policy and vernal pool conservation. Her work stresses the importance of conserving natural resources (wetlands and vernal pools) and/or target species (wood frogs, spotted salamanders, and blue-spotted salamanders) on private lands by addressing both human and ecological dimensions.

Calhoun’s research with the Sustainability Solutions Initiative uses local vernal pool conservation as a model to help communities find ways to balance economic development with natural resource conservation on private land. One aspect of Calhoun’s research is working with two Maine towns on conservation solutions that involve multiple levels of government, diverse state agencies and private interests for the conservation of vernal pools. Her work also involves working with the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of the State Legislature on the importance of wetland and vernal pool protection.

Calhoun’s research has been funded in large part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, Maine EPSCoR, and the Senator George J. Mitchell Center and Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative. She has published in multiple peer-reviewed journals including Ecology, Biological Conservation, Forest Ecology and Management, Freshwater Biology, Society and Natural Resources, and Wetlands.

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Selected Publications

Jessica S. Jansujwicz, Aram JK Calhoun, Jessica E. Leahy, and Robert J. Lilieholm, “Using Mixed Methods to Develop a Frame-Based Private Landowner Typology,” Society & Natural Resources ahead-of-print (2013): 1-17.

Sasha E. Greenspan, Aram JK Calhoun, Joyce E. Longcore, and Michael G. Levy, “Transmission of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis to Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) via a Bullfrog (L. catesbeianus) Vector,” Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48, no. 3 (2012): 575-582.

Robert C. Freeman, Kathleen P. Bell, Aram J. K. Calhoun, and Cynthia S. Loftin, “Incorporating Economic Models into Seasonal Pool Conservation Plans,”?Wetlands 32 (2012): 50-250.

Bridie McGreavy, Thomas Webler, and Aram J.K. Calhoun, “Local Decision Maker Attitudes to Vernal Pool Conservation in Maine,” Journal of Environmental Management 95 (2012): 1-8.

Cynthia S. Loftin, Aram J.K. Calhoun, Sarah J. Nelson, Adria A. Elksus, and Kevin Simon, “Does Mercury Bioaccumulate in Wood Frog Larvae Developing in Seasonal Woodland Pools?” Northeast Naturalist 19, no. 4 (2012): 579-600.

Viorel D. Popescu, David A. Patrick, Malcolm L. Hunter Jr., and Aram JK Calhoun, “The Role of Forest Harvesting and Subsequent Vegetative Regrowth in Determining Patterns of Amphibian Habitat Use,” Forest Ecology and Management 270 (2012): 163-174

Jessica Jansujwicz, Aram J.K. Calhoun, Jessica Leahy, and Robert Lilieholm, “Using Mixed Methods to Develop a Frame-Based Private Landowner Typology,” Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal 26, no. 8 (2012): 945-961.

David D. Hart and Aram J.K. Calhoun, “Rethinking the Role of Ecological Research in the Sustainable Management of Freshwater Ecosystems,” Freshwater Biology 55 (2010): 258-269.

Aram J.K. Calhoun, Nicholas Miller, and Michael W. Klemens, “Conservation Strategies for Pool-Breeding Amphibians in Human-Dominated Landscapes,” Wetlands Ecology and Management 13 (2005): 291-304.

Reports, Books, and Chapters:

Aram JK. Calhoun, Meghan K. Gahl, and Robert F. Baldwin. “Northern Seasonal Woodland Pools,” in Wetland Habitats of North America, eds. Darold P. Batzer and Andrew H. Baldwin (University of California Press, 2012), 135–148.

Jessica Jansujwicz and Aram Calhoun. “Protecting Natural Resources on Private Lands: The Role of Collaboration in Land-Use Planning,” in Landscape-scale Conservation Planning, eds. S. Trombulak and R. F. Baldwin (New York: Springer-Verlag, 2010), 205–233.

Aram J.K. Calhoun and P. Reilly. “Conserving Vernal Pool Habitat Through Community Based Conservation,” in Science and Conservation of Vernal Pools in Northeastern North America, eds. Aram J.K. Calhoun and Phillip G. deMaynadier (CRC Press, 2008).

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