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Aram Calhoun, J. Jansujwicz, K.P. Bell, M. Hunter (2014) Improving management of small natural features on private lands by negotiating the science–policy boundary for Maine vernal pools.PNAS 2014.

Other Publications

Engelberth et al. (2013). Can fish consumption advisories do better? Providing benefit and risk information to increase knowledge. Environmental Research.

McGreavy, B., & Lindenfeld, L. (2014). Entertaining our way to engagement? Climate change films and sustainable development values. International Journal of Sustainable Development.

McGreavy, B., Hutchins, K., Smith, H., Lindenfeld, L., & Silka, L. (2013). Addressing the complexities of boundary work in sustainability science through communication. Sustainability. 5, 4195-4221. doi:10.3390/su5104195

Meyer, Spencer R., C. Cronan, R. Lilieholm, M. Johnson, D. Foster.  Land Conservation in northern New England: Historic trends and alternative conservation futures.  (2014) Biological Conservation 174 (2014) 152–160.

Mario F. Teisl, Shannon McCoy, Sarah Marrinan, Teresa Johnson, Caroline L. Noblet, Robert Roper, Megan Wibberly and Sharon Klein. (2014) Will offshore energy face ‘fair winds and following seas’?: Understanding the factors influencing marine energy support. Estuaries and Coasts 10.1007/s12237-014-9777-6.

Waring T. M, Teisl, M., Manandhar E., and Anderson M. (2014) On the travel emissions of sustainability science research. Sustainability 6:2718-2735

Cline, B.B. and M.L. Hunter, Jr.  2014. Different open-canopy vegetation types affect matrix permeability for a dispersing forest amphibian. Journal of Applied Ecology 51: 319-329.

Waring, T.M., Goff, S.H., McGuire, J., Moore, Z.D., & Sullivan, A., (2014) Cooperation across organizational boundaries: Experimental evidence from a major sustainability science projectSustainability, 6(3), 1171-1190

Parr, Thomas, T. Ohno, C. Cronan, K. Simon. comPARAFAC: a library and tools for rapid and quantitative comparison of dissolved organic matter components resolved by Parallel Factor Analysis. (2014) Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods 12, 2014, 114–125.

McGreavy, B., Lindenfeld, L. (2014) Entertaining our way to engagement? Climate change films and sustainable development values. Int. J. Sustainable Development, 17(2) 123-136.

Gardner, Susan K.  “Bridging the Divide: Tensions Between the Biophysical and Social Sciences in An Interdisciplinary Sustainability Science ProjectEnvironment and Natural Resources Research 4.2 (2014): p70.

Jansujwicz, Jessica S., and Teresa R. Johnson. “Understanding and Informing Permitting Decisions for Tidal Energy Development Using an Adaptive Management Framework,” Estuaries and Coasts (2013): 1-13.
Also featured in Coastal & Estuarine Science News (CESN) – December 2013

Anderson, Mark W.  Intergenerational bargains: Negotiating our debts to the past and our obligations to the future.  Futures 54 (2013): 43-52.

Barton, Andrew, A. White, C. Cogbill. (2013) Reconstructing the Past: Maine Forests Then and Now. Northern Woodlands. (pdf available)

Beitl, C. (2014). Navigating Over Space and Time: Fishing Effort Allocation and the Development of Customary Norms in an Open-Access Mangrove Estuary in Ecuador. Human Ecology:1-17. 10.1007/s10745-014-9655-7

Beitl, C. M. (2014). Adding Environment to the Collective Action Problem: Individuals, Civil Society, and the Mangrove-Fishery Commons in Ecuador. World Development 56:93-107. 

Caroline L. Noblet, John Thøgersen and Mario F. Teisl. 2014. Who attempts to drive less in New England? Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour

Owen, Dave. (2013) Mapping, Modeling and the Fragmentation of Environmental Law. Utah Law Review No. 1.

Silka, Linda, R.Glover, K. Hutchins, L. Lindenfeld, A. Blackstone, C. Elliott, M. Ladenheim, C. Sullivan. “Moving Beyond the Single Discipline: Building a Scholarship of Engagement that Permeates Higher Education.” Tamara Journal for Critical Organizational Inquiry 11:4 (2013): 42-52.

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