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Engagement Activities - SSI Year 2 Publications

Please contact Kim Raymond ( for copies of publications that are not available online or that you are not able to access.

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Journal Articles

Benjamin, J., R.J. Lilieholm, and C. Coup. 2010. Forest Biomass Harvests: A “Special Needs” Operation? Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 27(2):45-49.

Cronan, C.S. 2011. Biogeochemistry of the Penobscot River Watershed, Maine, USA: Nutrient Export Patterns for Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment: in press

Cronan, C.S., R.J. Lilieholm, J. Tremblay and T. Glidden. 2010. A Retrospective Assessment of Land Conservation Patterns in Maine based on Spatial Analysis of Ecological and Socio-economic Indicators. Environmental Management 45(5):1076-1095.

Davenport, M., Baker, M., Leahy, J., and Anderson, D. 2010. “An Exploratory Study of Place Meanings and Significance of an Illinois State Park.” Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 28(1): 52-69.

Ednie, A., Daigle, J. and Leahy, J. 2010. “The Development of Recreation Place Attachment on the Maine Coast: User Characteristics and Reasons for Visiting.” Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 28(1): 36-51.

Hart, D. and A.J.K. Calhoun. 2010. Rethinking the role of ecological research in the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems. Freshwater Biology 55:258–269

Hennigar, C.R., J.S. Wilson, D.A. MacLean, and R.G. Wagner. in review. Applying a spruce budworm decision support system to Maine: Projecting spruce-fir volume impacts under alternative management and outbreak scenarios. Journal of Forestry.

Leahy, J. and Anderson, D. 2010. “Cooperation Gets It Done: Social Capital in Natural Resources Management along the Kaskaskia River.” Society & Natural Resources, 23(3):224-239.

Lichter, J., M. E. H. Burton, S. L. Close, J. M. Grinvalsky, and J. Reblin. 2011. Waterfowl habitat change over five decades in a freshwater tidal ecosystem in mid-coast Maine. Northeastern Naturalist, in press.

Lindenfeld, L., & Silka, L. Growing Maine’s Foodscape. Growing Maine’s Future. Maine Policy Review Special Issue on Food in Maine.

Lindenfeld, L.A. (2010). Can documentary food films like Food Inc. achieve their promise? Environmental Communication. A Journal of Nature and Culture, Vol. 4, Issue 3, 378 – 386.

Lindenfeld, L.A. Digging down to the roots. On the radical potential of documentary food films. Under review at Radical History.

Mann, M., and Leahy, J. 2010. “Social Capital in an Outdoor Recreation Context.” Environmental Management, 45(2):363-376.

McCloskey, J.T., R.J. Lilieholm, and C.S. Cronan. 2011. Using Bayesian belief networks to identify potential compatibilities and conflicts between development and landscape conservation. Landscape and Urban Planning 101: 190-203

McClosky J.T., R.J. Lilieholm, R. Boone, R. Reid, D. Nkedianye, S.A. Sader, M. Said and J. Worden. A participatory approach for modeling alternative future land use scenarios around Nairobi National Park using bayesian belief networks. Ecology and the Environment

Morgan, D.E. 2010. Natural History Notes: Rana Sylvatica (Wood Frog) Egg Mass Surveys. Herpetological Review, 41.

Owen, D., C. Bohlen, P. Glaser, Z. Henderson & C. Kilian. 2010. Collaboration, Clean Water Act Residual Designation Authority, and Collective Permitting: A Case Study of Long Creek, Watershed Science Bulletin 1 :35-41

Popescu, V.D. and M.L. Hunter. Clearcutting has a long-lasting effect on habitat connectivity for a forest amphibian by decreasing permeability to juvenile movements. Ecological Applications

Silka, L. (2010). Community Research in Other Contexts: Learning from Sustainability Science, Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 5(4), 3-11.

Teisl, M.F., Eric Fromberg, Andrew E. Smith and Kevin J. Boyle. 2011. Awake at the switch: Measuring the impact of Maine’s fish consumption advisory for at-risk women. Science of the Total Environment. 409:3257-66.

Whitmer, A., L. Ogden, J. Lawton, P. Sturner, P.M. Groffman, L. Schneider, D. Hart, B. Halpern, W. Schlesinger, S. Raciti, N. Bettez, S. Ortega, L. Rustad, S.T.A. Pickett and M. Killelea. 2010. The engaged university: Providing a platform for research that transforms society. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6: 314-321.

Book Chapters

Farrow, K., Mario F. Teisl, Caroline L. Noblet, Shannon McCoy and Jonathan Rubin. forthcoming. Does Money Grow on Trees? People’s Willingness to Pay for Cellulosic Wood Ethanol. Chapter in Biofuel / Book 1 InTech Publishing.

Feurt, C. 2010. Collaborative Learning Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Ecosystem Management in Coastal Watersheds of the Gulf of Maine Invited paper submitted to volume on Ecosystem Management in the Gulf of Maine, Proceedings of the 2009 RARGOM Symposium in St. Andrews, NB

Jansujwicz, J. and A.J.K. Calhoun. 2010. Protecting natural resources on private lands: the role of collaboration in land-use planning Pages 205-233 in Trombulak, S. and R. F. Baldwin (eds.). Protecting natural resources on private lands: the role of collaboration in land-use planning. Springer-Verlag, New York, N.Y.

Lilieholm, R.J., L.C. Irland, and J.M. Hagan. 2010. Changing Socio-economic Conditions for Private Woodland Protection. Page 67-98 in S.C. Trombulak and R.F. Baldwin, eds., Landscape-scale Conservation Planning. Springer, New York, NY. 427 p.

Teisl, M.F. Environmental Concerns in Food Consumption Chapter 35 in the Oxford Handbook of the Economic of Food Consumption and Policy


MacRa, J.D., J.S. Kim, S. Jain. 2010. User-driven data exploration of a managed lake system: first steps toward integrated watershed modeling and management tool in support of decision making and community education. The Sixth International Conference on Sustainable Water Environment: Water Infrastructures in Time of Climate Change. University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA, 29-31 July 2010. (Invited presentation)

McCloskey, J.T., R.J. Lilieholm, R. Boone, R. Reid, D. Nkedianye, M. Said, and J. Worden. 2011. A Participatory Approach for Modeling Alternative Future Land Use Scenarios around Nairobi National Park using Bayesian Belief Networks. Ecology and the Environment.


Jansujwicz, J., R.J. Lilieholm, and A.C. Calhoun. 2011. Spanning Boundaries and Disciplines: Integrating Social and Natural Sciences for Effective Water Resource Management. Maine Water Conference, Augusta Civic Center. (March 2011)

Jansujwicz, J.S., A.J.K. Calhoun, and R.J. Lilieholm. 2010. Cooperation and Natural Resource Management: Community-based Vernal Pool Conservation Planning in Maine, USA. Abstract in Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Jansujwicz, J.S., A.J.K. Calhoun, and R.J. Lilieholm. 2010. Cooperation and Natural Resource Management: Community-based Vernal Pool Conservation Planning in Maine, USA. Abstract in the Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Kim, Y. Demographic, Economic, and Land Use/Land Cover Change Projections for Use in Planning and Water Resource Management, Maine Water Conference, Augusta ME, Mar 16, 2011

Lilieholm, R. Wildlands and Woodlands – A Vision for the New England Landscape. BIOECON Conference, Venice, Italy.


Calhoun, A.J.K., and D.E. Morgan. 2009. Conservation of Vernal Pools: Lessons from State and Local Action. Case study, discussion questions, and teaching notes. American Museum of Natural History, Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners. Available at

Foster, D.R., B. Donahue, D. Kittredge, K.F. Lambert, M. Hunter, B. Hall, L.C. Irland, R.J. Lilieholm, D.A. Orwig, A. D’Amato, E. Colburn, J. Thompson, J. Levitt, A.M. Ellison, J. Aber, C. Cogbill, C. Driscoll, and C. Hart. 2010. Wildlands and Woodlands: A Vision for the New England Landscape. Harvard University Press. 36 pages.

Budzinski, C., L. Lindenfeld, L. Silka. 2011. Sustainability Solutions Initiative Partners Technical Report. University of Maine. 34 pages.

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