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Engagement Activities - SSI Year 3 Publications

Please contact Kim Raymond ( for copies of publications that are not available online or that you are not able to access.

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Journal Articles

Camill P., M. Hearn, K. Bahm, E. Johnson. 2012. Using a boundary organization approach to develop a sea level rise and storm surge impact analysis framework for coastal communities in Maine. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Burns, J., W. Cooper, J. Ferry, D.W. King, B. DiMento, K. McNeill, C. Miller, W. Miller, B. Peake, S. Rusak, A. Rose, and T.W. Waite. 2012. Methods for reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection in aqueous environments. Aquatic Sciences – Research Across Boundaries Issn: 1015-1621

Beard, K. and P. Smitherman. 2011. Creating residential and tenure histories from Multi-year White Pages. Transactions in GIS. 15(6) pp 811-828.

Freeman, R.C. and K.P. Bell. 2011. Conservation versus cluster subdivisions and implications for habitat connectivity, Landscape and urban planning 101, 1, 30-42.

Popescu, D., M.L. Hunter, D. Patrick, A.J.K. Calhoun. 2012. Predicting the response of amphibian communities to disturbance across multiple temporal and spatial scales. Forest Ecology and Management. 270: 163-174 (31-34%, 1.950).

Daigle, J., L. Utley, L.C. Chase, W. Kuentzel, and T. Brown. 2012. Does New Large Landownership and Their Management Priorities Influence Public Access in the Northern Forest. Journal of Forestry. Published online January 23, 2012.

Teisl, M.F., E. Frohmberg, A.E. Smith, K.J. Boyle, H.M. Engelberth. 2011. Awake at the switch: Improving fish consumption advisories for at-risk women, Science of the Total Environment 409 (18) 3257-3266.

Gilbertz, S., E.A. Austin, J. Norton, C. Horton, and D.M. Hall. 2011. Wicked wisdoms: Illuminations of conceptual capacities among local leaders of the Yellowstone River. Studies in Sociology of Science 2 (2).

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Danielson, T.J., C.S. Loftin, L. Tsomides, J.L. DiFranco, and B. Connors. 2011. Algal bioassessment metrics for wadeable streams and rivers of Maine, USA. J. North American Benthological Society 30:1033-1048.

White, P.J.T., B.J. McGill, and M.J. Lechowicz. 2011. Human-disturbance and caterpillars in managed forest fragments. Biodiversity and Conservation 20(8):1745-1762.

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White, P., B.J. McGill, M.J. Lechowicz. 2012. Detecting changes in forest floor habitat after canopy disturbance. Ecological Research 27(1):1-10.

McGill, B.J. 2012. Trees are rarely most abundant where they grow best. Journal of Plant Ecology 5(1):46-51.

McGreavy, B., T. Webler, and A.J.K. Calhoun. 2012. Science communication and vernal pool conservation: Local decision maker attitudes in a Knowledge Action System. Journal of Environmental Management. 95 (1): 1-8.

Siriwardena, S., G. Hunt, M.F. Teisl, and C. Noblet. 2012. Effective environmental marketing of green cars: A nested-logit approach. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 17 (3): 237-242.

Peckenham, J.M., H. Paterson, C. Roesler, J. Pinto, and C. Proctor. 2011. Real-Time Algae Monitoring For Drinking Water Security, Lakelines, Dec. 2011.

Peckenham, J.M., T. Thornton, and P. Peckenham. 2011. Validation of Student Generated Data for the Assessment of Groundwater Quality, Journal of Science Education and Technology, DOI 10.1007/s10956-011-9317-0.

Ranco, D.J., C. O’Neill, J. Donatuto, and B.L. Harper. 2011. Environmental Justice, American Indians and the Cultural Dilemma: Developing Environmental Management for Tribal Health and Well-being. Environmental Justice 4(4): 221-230.

Marette, S., B. Roe and M.F. Teisl. 2012. The Welfare Impacts of Food Pathogen Vaccines Food Policy 37(1):86-93.

Waring, T.M. and P.J. Richerson. 2011. Towards Unification of the Socio-Ecological Sciences: The value of coupled models. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 93(4).

Briedis, J.I., J.S. Wilson, J.G. Benjamin, and R.G. Wagner. 2011. Biomass retention following whole tree, energy-wood harvests in Central Maine: Compliance to five state guidelines. Biomass and Bioenergy. 35:3552-3560.

Briedis, J.I., J.S. Wilson, J.G. Benjamin, and R.G. Wagner. 2011. Logging residue volumes and characteristics following integrated roundwood and energy-wood whole-tree harvesting in Central Maine. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry. 28(2)66-71.

Cronan, C.S. 2011. Biogeochemistry of the Penobscot River watershed, Maine, USA: nutrient export patterns for carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment: DOI 10.1007/s10661-011-2263-8.

Popescu, V.D. and M.L. Hunter. 2011. Clearcutting has a long-lasting effect on habitat connectivity for a forest amphibian by decreasing permeability to juvenile movements. Ecological Applications 21:1283-1295.

Gomben, P.C., R.J. Lilieholm, and M.J. Gonzalez-Guillen. 2012. Impact of Demographic Trends on Future Development Patterns and the Loss of Open Space in the California Mojave Desert. Environmental Management 49(2):305-324.

McCloskey, J.T., R.J. Lilieholm, and C.S. Cronan. 2011. Using Bayesian Belief Networks to Identify Future Compatibilities and Conflicts between Development and Landscape Conservation. Landscape and Urban Planning 101(2011):190-203.

Lindenfeld, L.A., D.M. Hall, B. McGreavy, L. Silka, D. Hart. 2012. Creating a place for Communication Research in Sustainability Science. Environmental Communication. A Journal of Nature & Culture. Volume 6 (March), pp. 23-43.

Samson, J., D. Berteaux, B.J. McGill, and M. Humphries. 2011. Geographic disparities and moral hazards in the predicted impacts of climate change on human populations. Global Ecology and Biogeography 20(4):532-544.

Hennigar, C.R., J.S. Wilson, D.A. MacLean, and R.G. Wagner. 2011. Applying a spruce budworm decision support system to Maine: Projecting spruce-fir volume impacts under alternative management and outbreak scenarios. Journal of Forestry. 109(6):332-342.

Owen, D. 2012. Critical Habitat and the Challenge of Regulating Small Harms, 64 Florida L. Rev. 141.

Pavri, F. and T. Lynch. 2011. Assessing Land Use and Riparian Buffers along Maine’s Presumpscot Watershed using Landsat Thematic Mapper. Northeastern Geographer, V3: 22-34.

Pavri, F., A. Dailey and V. Valentine. 2011. Integrating multispectral ASTER and LiDAR data to characterize coastal wetland landscapes in the northeastern United States. Geocarto International (special issue on Remote Sensing of Coastal System Dynamics), V26 (8): 647-661.

Kim, Y. 2011. Integrated Land Use-Transportation Models: Model Development and Modeling Activity Trends.  Road Policy Brief, Korea, 2011, 47.

Book Chapters

Johnson, J., D.J. Ranco. 2011. Risk Assessment and Native Americans at the Cultural Crossroads: Making Better Science or Redefining Health?. Technoscience and Environmental Justice: Transforming Expert Cultures through Grassroots Engagement. Gwen Ottinger and Benjamin Cohen, eds, MIT Press.


McCloskey, J.T., R.J. Lilieholm, R. Boone, R. Reid, D. Nkedianye, S. Sader, M. Said, and J. Worden. 2011. A Participatory Approach for Modeling Alternative Future Land Use Scenarios around Nairobi National Park using Bayesian Belief Networks. Ecology and the Environment 144:43-57.

Peckenham, J., L. Wilson, A. Tolman, J. Jemison, and P. Peckenham. 2011. Fluoride, arsenic, and chloride in private water wells in eastern Maine, Private Well Symposium, Southbury, CT, November 15, 2011.

Peckenham, J. and T. Thornton. 2011. Validation of Student Analyses of Drinking Water, Citizen Scientist Symposium, University of Maine, Orono, ME, May 12, 2011.

Johnson, M.L., S.R. Meyer, R.J. Lilieholm, and C.S. Cronan. 2012. Co-developing place-based scenarios of alternative futures with stakeholder. Proceedings of the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, February 23-28, 2012, New York, NY.

Peckenham, J. and S. Jain. 2011. Defining typology for Source Water Protection in Maine, New England Water Works Association Source Water Protection Symposium, Boxborough, MA, Oct. 27, 2011.

Peckenham, J. and S. Jain. 2011. Typology of Source Water Protection in Maine, American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition, Washington, DC, June 13, 2011.

Ranco, D. 2011. Kolunkayowan Wikpiyik II: Protecting the Ash for Future Generations Symposium. George Mitchell Center, University of Maine.


Beck, E.N. and B.F. Rueger. 2011. A Google Earth Flyover Illustrating the Geology and Topography of Arnold’s March on Quebec, 1775, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 43, No. 5, p. 476.

Love, E.A., J.R. Fleming, and B.F. Rueger. October 2011. Sense of Place in the Belgrade Lakes Region, Central Maine, Abstract No. 197029, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 9-12 October 2011.

Love, E.A., J.R. Fleming, and Rueger. 2011. Encouraging Stakeholder Engagement by Defining, Creating, and Sharing a Sense of Place in the Belgrade Lakes Region of Central Maine, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 43, No. 5, p. 75.

Morgan, B.J., B.F. Rueger, and M. Croft. 2011. Virtual Geologic Field Guide to the Kennebec Highlands, Central Maine, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 43, No. 5, p. 476.

Sharik, T.L., and R.J. Lilieholm. 2011. Undergraduate Enrollment Trends in Natural Resources in the United States: An Update. Abstract in the Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Madison, WI.

Tessema, M.E., R.J. Lilieholm, D.J. Blahna, and L.E. Kruger. 2011. Measuring Community-forest Resource Use, Dependency, and Vulnerability in Southcentral and Southeast Alaska. Abstract in the Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Madison, WI.

Lilieholm, R.J., S. Sader, R. Boone, R. Reid, M. Said, J. Worden, S. Kifugo, D. Nkedianye, and J. Stabach. 2011. Alternative Futures Modeling in Kenya’s National Parks and Reserves. Journal of Forestry 109(8):580.

Daigle, J., E. Quigley, R.J. Lilieholm, D. Ranco, T. Secord, J. Neptune, W. Livingston, and M. Lizotte. 2011. Mobilizing Diverse Interests to Address the Emerald Ash Borer. Journal of Forestry 109(8):582.

Legere, M., A.S. Reeve, M. Scott. 2011. Using Lumped Parameter Drainage-Basin Models to Assess Lake Level in a Managed Lake System. Abstract 41-8 presented at the GSA Northeastern (46th Annual) and North-Central (45th Annual) Joint Meeting (20-22 March 2011).

Gorczyca, E., J. Leahy, J. Wilson, K.P. Bell, and W. Mercier. 2011. Exploring Family Forests using an Agent-Based Model. Journal of Forestry. 109(8): 526.

Daly, J.F., S. Adams, R. Abrams, and B. Engel. 2011. Ice duration, winter stratification, and mixing behavior of subalpine lakes in western Maine, abstract H53Q-07 presented at 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 5-9 Dec.


Teisl, M.F., C. Noblet, and S. McCoy. 2011. Maine Voices: Offshore wind has role in Maine’s future Maine Sunday Telegram. June 26.

Colgan, C.S. and G. Hunt. February 19, 2012. Getting the Economics of Wind Right. Portland, ME: Maine Sunday Telegram.

Kallin, P.L. Summer 2011. Get Ready for the Maine Lakes Resource Center. BRCA Newsletter.

Remsburg, A. 2011. Midcoast hemlock forests in the spotlight. Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance Newsletter. Issue 24:5.

Lilieholm, R.J. ed. 2012. School of Forest Resources Spring Newsletter, 6 pages.

Hallsworth, R., K. Raymond, and K. Ridley. 2011. SSI Fall Newsletter. University of Maine. Solutions Vol. 1 No. 1.

Colgan, C.S. 2012. Energy and the City: Envisioning a More Sustainable Future. Connections: The Newsletter of Community Planning and Development, Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine.

Kallin, P.L. August 12, 2011. Watershed Wisdom-Ancient Wisdom. Summertime in the Belgrades. Vol. 13, No. 10.

Silka, L. and R. Toof. Co-Editors. 2011. International Perspectives on Community-University Partnerships. Metropolitan Universities: An International Forum, 22(2), Full Issue.

Jemison, J., S. Welcomer, D.M. Hall, and J. Haskell. 2012. Assessing Maine’s Agricultural Future – 2025. Summary of Research Findings, University of Maine Cooperative Extension. 2 page summary of findings.

Hutchins, K. and L.A. Lindenfeld. November, 2011. Concerns, opportunities cited in survey. Maine Townsman: The Magazine of the Maine Municipal Association.

Jansujwicz, J.S. 2011. Challenges and Opportunities for Conserving Vernal Pools on Private Land Using Regulatory and Voluntary Approaches. PH.D. dissertation, University of Maine, Orono.

McGreavy, B. and D. Hart. 2012. Interview with Robert Kates. Maine Policy Review Special Issue on Sustainability Solution Initiative

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