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Researchers - Malcolm “Mac” Hunter, Jr.

Malcolm “Mac” Hunter, Jr.Hunter
Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Libra Professor of Conservation Biology
University of Maine
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What problem/s are you working to solve?
How to integrate maintaining biodiversity and ecological integrity with using landscapes for human activities such as timber harvest and residential development.

What progress are you making toward solutions?
We have a pretty fair and ever-growing understanding of the habitat needs of certain sensitive species, and that allows us to think creatively about how to accommodate those needs while still managing ecosystems for human welfare.

How could your findings contribute to a more sustainable future in Maine and beyond?
Although much of our specific research is quite focused, we are always thinking about developing broader principles that have wide application to sustainable ecosystem management.

Why did you decide to join SSI?
It represented an opportunity for five or more years of intensive work with a diverse and talented group of colleagues and stakeholders.

What’s the best part about collaborating on SSI research projects?
Becoming friends and colleagues with a wide range of people.

Where’s your favorite place in Maine?
I am an explorer and my favorite spot is often the one I found most recently.

What’s your ultimate Maine experience?
Skiing down snow-covered streams.

Mud season survival strategy?
Whitewater canoeing.

What sustains you?
The natural wonderments of Maine and the people with whom I share them.

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