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Marine Energy International Symposium a Success

A delegation of scholars from Japan, including President Sato of Hirosaki University, joined the SSI Tidal Energy Team for the 2nd Marine Energy International Symposium at UMaine on September 16-17, 2013. The symposium was designed as a collaborative exchange between researchers in the Maine Tidal Power Initiative (MTPI), and various Japanese institutions. With Japan hoping to have 30 percent of its power produced offshore by 2030, the delegation was interesting in learning from the work of SSI researchers Gayle Zydlewski and Teresa Johnson, in conjunction with MTPI, to help ensure that tidal power is developed in ways that promote economic development and protect marine ecosystems.

“Before President Sato left he told me that our interactions were more successful than he ever thought they would be,” said Zydlewski. “We are continuing dialogue and interactions. I believe we had a fruitful meeting.”
Researcher Gayle Zydlewski’s work on the tidal project was also featured in a recent issue of Forbes magazine. See article…

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