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Sustainable Maine Season 2 Broadcast Schedule Announced

Maine EPSCoR and Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative (SSI) have collaborated with MPBN on “Sustainable Maine”, a series of documentaries highlighting the work of SSI researchers and stakeholders as they come together to take on tough issues.

Season 2 Broadcast Schedule for Sustainable Maine
Sustainable Maine # 201 Thursday 9/27/12 8:30PM  (Lakes)
Sustainable Maine # 202 Thursday 10/4/12 8:30PM  (EAB)
Sustainable Maine # 203 Thursday 10/11/12 8:30PM  (Vernal Pools)
Sustainable Maine # 201 Sunday 10/7/12 1PM  (Lakes)
Sustainable Maine # 202 Sunday 10/21/12 1PM  (EAB)
Sustainable Maine # 203 Sunday 10/28/12 1PM  (Vernal Pools)

Season 1 episodes are also available online at MPBN.

Go to the MPBN web site to view the full “The Triple Bottom Line” documentary

Go to the MPBN web site to view the full “Desperate Alewives” documentary

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