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2013 – Various - Clean Snowmobile Team

From Left to Right: Jake Miller, Brian Liscomb, Brian Martel, Dan Sherman, Jason Scharold, Drake McBreairty

About The Project

The Clean Snowmobile Competition:

     The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) puts on the Clean Snowmobile Competition (CSC) once a year. Located at the Keweenaw Research Facility in Houghton, MI, the purpose of the challenge is to link several American and Canadian universities together in a mutual challenge: design, evaluate, and ultimately create a more efficient snowmobile. Following a set of rules laid down by the SAE, participants are encouraged to innovate new and dynamic ways of making the snowmobile a more efficient vehicle. Examples of challenge areas include noise, emissions, handling, comfort, and several other factors. A full list can be found in the Clean Snowmobile Rules link below. This year’s unique challenge will be modifying the snowmobile to run at a fuel ethanol content in excess of 40%. There are serious design implications in utilizing such a high ethanol content fuel, but this is one of many aspects that our design team if focusing on.

     Our team is comprised of Mechanical Engineering Technology students here at the University of Maine. As a team we not only apply our basic engineering skills but also focus on developing our members on an individual basis to help prepare them for industry. Whether it’s modifying tuning programming, giving an oral presentation to acquire funding, or machining complex parts, our students are well versed in the “whole package” concept that exists in engineering design. Too often are engineers characterized as being poor communicators, or lacking in marketable social skills. The mission of our team as we move towards competition in March of 2013 is not only to create a uniquely effective product, but also to help develop uniquely effective engineers who are ready to make the leap into industry.

Meet The Team

Jake Miller: Jake is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering Technology student. He is from Clinton, ME and has always been interested in machinery, and has experience as a machinist. He is responsible for the intake and fuel systems on the SAE Snowmobile Team, as well as being responsible for the team website. Jake is pursuing employment in any industrial or manufacturing environment. His experience working at Twin Rivers Paper Company has helped him gain insight into the engineer’s role in manufacturing. In his spare time he enjoys all outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, shooting and snowmobiling.

Brian Liscomb: Brian is in his 4th year at the University of Maine. He is pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology, supported with a minor in Renewable Energy Science and Technology.  He would like to obtain a career in the energy industry.  Brian is responsible for developing an exhaust and suspension system for the snowmobile that will increase fuel economy and reduce sound emission. From Pittston, ME, he enjoys outdoor hobbies as well as working on his car and motorcycle.

Brian Martel: Brian is a 5th year student in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program.  He is from Uxbridge, MA.  Brian has developed an interest in product development and testing as a result of numerous project design and manufacturing classes.  As a member of the SAE Clean Snowmobile team he is responsible for the wiring.  In his spare time he competes as a member of the Division 1 NCAA track and field team as a decathlete.  He also enjoys fishing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Dan Sherman: Dan is a 5th year student studying in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. Dan is responsible for management of the fuel system aboard UMaine’s clean snowmobile. His concentration is in determining correct fuel ratios to accommodate a high ethanol content. Originally from Cornish, ME, Dan enjoys fishing, snowmobiling, and playing hockey.

Jason Scharold: Jason is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering Student.  From Brunswick, ME, Jason enjoys riding ATV’s, fishing, and working on his car. As a member of the SAE Clean Snowmobile Team Jason is responsible for all tuning and engine calibration.  Jason is interested in a career in the automotive industry, a desire which stems from his experience in tuning and vehicle customizations.

Drake McBreairty: Drake is a 4th year student in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. From Turner, ME, Drake has been interested in machinery, particularly aircraft, from a young age. Within the SAE Clean Snowmobile team he is responsible as the team manager for all team documents, solicitations and presentations, as well as coordinating between the different development areas for the sled. Drake is pursuing a commission in the United States Marine Corps as a naval aviator and in his spare time enjoys reading, working out, and restoring his car.



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