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Group Members - Sarah Rizzo

Graduate student, Master of Science in Teaching (MST) program

2 Winslow Hall

Research interests

Sarah is interested in the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics. In particular, her work is focused on student understanding of ideas in geometry. For her thesis, she is examining how students think about and solve problems involving transformations which include translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations, better known as shifts, flips, turns, and stretches.


B.S., Mathematics Education, University of New Hampshire, 2010-


2010-2011 TA for MAT 103 (College Algebra)

2011-2012 S Cubed Coordinator

Summer 2012 Volunteer TA for Mat 107 (Geometry for Teachers) for Tandy DelVecchio

Summer 2012 TA for MAT 126 (First semester Calculus) with Dr. Franzosa and Tandy DelVecchio

2012-2013 S Cubed Coordinator

Publications and Presentations

Rizzo, S. (2013). College students’ understanding of geometric transformations, MST thesis.

Rizzo, S. (2012). College students? understanding of geometric dilations, Integrating STEM Education Research into Teaching: Knowledge of Student Thinking National Conference, Orono, ME. (poster PDF).

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