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USM Narratives - Information Technology

Maine Cyber Security Cluster Facilitates Natural Disaster and Cyber Security Training and Research Event 

The Maine Cyber Security Cluster (MCSC), housed on the USM campus, in partnership with the Maine Air National Guard, provided the first of its kind natural disaster and cyber security training and research experience in Maine. MCSC collaborated with Maine’s private industry, local, state and federal agencies as part of the Vigilant Guard 14 (VG14) disaster training exercise. This event provided a realistic and compelling experience for all participants. This event enabled VG14 to complete many of their annual training goals while improving our own Maine organizations abilities to respond to various types of natural disasters and cyber security threats. Students from USM, Fort Kent, and University of Maine Augusta gained authentic research and work experience in the area of cyber security and related fields, along with learning how to plan and execute a complex disaster emergency response. The Maine Cyber Security Cluster provides leadership, research and synergies for cyber security workforce and economic development among business, industry, government and educational entities in Maine and beyond. The cluster is funded by MEIF and Maine Technology Institute (MTI).


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