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UMaine Highlights - Technology Transfer and Commercialization


UMaine continues its technology transfer and commercialization program. The university’s total patent portfolio now contains more than 175 patents, patent applications and international patents.

In FY2013 16 new patents were issued. All have been licensed and are in various stages of commercial development.

  • Process for Treating a Cellulose-Lignin Pulp, 8/31/2012, PCT CL36522007
  • Inflatable Composite Structural Member Infused with Polymer, 11/21/2012 EU 06840816.9 (8 countries)
  • Collector Module for Bio-Aerosol Particles, 2/12/12 US 8,372,183
  • Lightweight Composite Article with Controlled Biodegradation (Ag Film),2/26/13  US 8,383,247
  • Microscopic Imaging Technologies,7/10/12, US 8,217,992
  • Blast and Ballistic Protection System, 4/30/13,  US 8,429,857
  • Method of Making Cellulosic Filled Thermoplastic Composites of an Anhydride Containing Polymer, 7/17/12, US 8,221,663
  • Energy Densification of Biomass-Derived Organic Acids,1/29/13, US 8,362,306
  • Method for Drying Cellulose Nanofibrils, 2/12/13 US 8,372,320


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