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UMaine Highlights - Grants and Contracts: The Return on Investment in University-based Research

Total new dollars (MEIF + All Grants/Contracts/Gifts) available for R&D expenditures: $60,396,524 in FY13. UMaine used $11.6 million in MEIF funds to leverage $41,759,968 in external grants and contracts, specifically in the state’s seven targeted sectors. (see table below).

Table 1
MEIF Leveraged New FY13 External R&D Grants and Contracts in the Seven Sectors Dollars/Sector
State Technology Sectors   Amount
Forestry and Agriculture $8,642,424
Aquaculture and Marine Sciences $6,828,718
Biotechnology $1,363,244
Composite Materials $9,230,715
Environmental Technologies $5,705,025
Information Technologies $6,568,967
Precision Manufacturing $1,130,746
Cross Sectors $2,290,129
Total Grants/Contracts/Gifts Leveraged $41,759,968

The increase in R&D infrastructure and activity has enhanced UMaine’s capacity to spur industrial growth, with industry contracts for FY13 totaling $3,498,803 with 345 projects for companies.

UMaine submitted a total of 523 proposals during FY13, involving 325 faculty and professional staff as principal investigators or co-investigators from 56 departments or units. A total of $ 147,573,786 was requested from external sponsors.

Algae-Blooms-in-PatagoniaPositions Leveraged

In FY13, 1,328 (FTE) UMaine job positions were created and/or supported as a result of MEIF funds, and external grants and contracts. This includes positions directly supported by MEIF funds, and people paid through R&D grants and contracts leveraged from the MEIF funds. It includes all job classifications.

Facilities and Equipment

UMaine continues to expand and develop state-of-the-art research facilities to support the targeted technologies.

More than  $2 million in new equipment was procured to support UMaine R&D activity. Major purchases (greater than $25,000) through various FY13 grants included pieces of scientific equipment. This equipment outfits labs throughout the university.

Planning, designing and construction continued and were completed on numerous facilities that were subjects of proposals funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Science and Technology, and the Maine R&D Bond competition (Maine Technology Asset Fund administered by the Maine Technology Institute), including the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center.

Increased Student Involvement in Research

UMaine graduate and undergraduate students are critically important to UMaine’s research efforts. More than $6,358,941 from grants and contracts was used to support students in all sectors. Undergraduate students receive an hourly wage to work on research projects, while graduate students are paid stipends.

During FY13, Funds exclusively from external grants provided support for undergraduate and graduate students as follows:

  • Salaries and wages: $5,001,942
  • Tuition: $952,553
  • Fellowships: $236,553
  • Health Insurance: $167,893

This external funding continues to play a major role in offering affordable education and unique hands-on, real-world work experience to the students who participate in these projects.

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