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Mechanical Engineering Seminars - The design of a stair climbing robotics platform, a companion robot predecessor

Ronnie Oiver
Graduate Student
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469

Advisor: Dr. Shahinpoor


The concept of a companion robot is hardly original and its many iterations in science fiction have spawned a vast array of requirements and abilities that such a robot may have. The companion robot of the future will include many features such as an advanced vision system, verbal interaction, the ability to intelligently process information and adapt to unexpected situations. The most frequent obstacle such a robot may encounter is a flight of stairs, and an essential requirement of any first generation design is the ease of modification and improvement. So as an initial step, the stair climbing robots platform design requirements have been reduced to the bare essentials of mobility and platform versatility. The current design utilizes a “tri-axle” wheel system to maneuver up and down stairs. A state space control method will utilize both encoders and an inclinometer to maintain stability. The design, proposed control method, and fabrication to date is presented.


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