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Mechanical Engineering Seminars - In-situ Measurement of Interface Permeability

Lin Lin
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469

Permeability of a porous interface is important for many areas of research and technology ranging from transport of nutrients in marine sediments to product separations in bio-pharmaceuticals. Biot theory has shown that porous materials are able to support the propagation of two longitudinal waves: fast and slow wave. By measuring the propagation threshold of the slow longitudinal wave when the wave number is higher than the critical wave number kcr, we can obtain the intrinsic permeability of a porous interface. The ability to sense permeability change due to differences in pore size and fluid viscosity is demonstrated. The measured kcr is compared to an exact solution for kcr as well as previously published analytical solutions. This technique for measuring permeability has been shown in a model material and can now be extended to a wide range of materials of scientific and technical importance.


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