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Mechanical Engineering Seminars - An array of parallel edge cracks with alternating lengths in a strip subjected to a thermal shock

Yuezhong Feng
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469


Ceramics and other brittle materials suffer multiple surface cracking when subjected to quenching. These surface cracks greatly influence the thermal fracture behavior of brittle materials. This work considers an array of parallel edge cracks with alternating lengths in an elastic plate subjected to a thermal shock. A Fourier transform/superposition method is used to derive the coupled integral equations that govern the displacement discontinuity gradients along the surfaces of the long and short cracks. Thermal stress intensity factors at the tips of the long and short cracks are calculated from the numerical solutions of the integral equations. The numerical results indicate that the crack length ratio and crack spacing have profound effects on the thermal stress intensity factors.


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