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Graduate Program/Research - Mechanical Engineering Seminars


Spring 2014, 3:10 pm on Friday in Boardman 220 unless noted otherwise

Date Speaker Seminar Title
1/24 Dr. Caccese General Meeting of Graduate Students
1/31  No Seminar
2/7 Professor Abbas Firoozabadi
Yale University
Molecular Dancing, Molecular Structure, and Nano-particles in Hydrocarbon Energy Production
2/14 (postphoned SNOW)
2/21  Dr. Dezhi Ning

Dalian University of Technology, China

Numerical study of liquid sloshing in a container or a gap between objects

2/28 M. Fowler Design and Testing of Scale Model Wind Turbines for use in Wind/Wave Basin Tests
of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
3/7 Spring Break
3/14 Spring Break
3/21 M. Mohammadi Biomechanics of the Bladder Irrigation and Properties of Urinary Catheters 

Dr. Yucheng Liu, P.E.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

C. Libby (ppd)

Design, modeling, and assessment of a wave energy conversion system for offshore oil and gas industry and other research and teaching highlights

4/4 Dr. Matt Cullin, University of Alaska, Anchorage(H. Saberi ppd)  Corrosion fatigue failure of a 12-inch graycast iron water main 
4/11 K. Warren Experimental Investigation of Single-Bolt, Single-Shear Joints in Three
Dimensional Woven Carbon Composites 
4/18 C. Libby  
4/25  Jeff Hiller
Modeling Coupled Phenomena with COMSOL Multiphysics
5/2 No Seminar


Fall 2013, 3:10 pm on Friday in Boardman 220 unless noted otherwise

Date Speaker Seminar Title
9/6 Dr. Caccese General Meeting of Graduate Students – Election of Graduate School Government Rep. for MEE (Yousif and Morteza (Alt))
 9/13 Dr. Caccese  Meeting for incoming students.
 9/20 Dr. Caccese Influence of Weld Size on Fatigue Life of Load bearing and Non-load Bearing Ship Connections
 9/27  Dr. Eric Landis Energy Dissipation Mechanisms in Fiber Reinforced Ultra High Strength Cement Composites: A Tale of Two Beams
 10/4  Dr. Steve Elmer    UMaine Dept of Kinesiology  Positive Aspects of Negative Work
10/11 Dr. Mo Shahinpoor  Biomimetic Robotic Venus Flytrap made with IPMCs
10/18  Hind Derar  TBD
 10/25 Dr. Summer Cook,  Department of Kinesiology
University of New Hampshire
Concepts and Applications of Blood Flow Restricted Exercise                                                                                 Memorial Union, Bangor Room
 11/1  Morteza Seidi  Characteristics of Falling Impact of Head Using a Test Dummy
 11/8 Dr. Mick Peterson Hoof Surface Interaction: Biomechanics of Thoroughbred Racing Surfaces and the Association with Catastrophic Injury Prevention                             Memorial Union, Bangor Room
 11/15  Dr. Senthil Vel  TBD
 11/22  Navid Mahpeykar Design, development and prototyping of an advanced high precision robotic system for microsurgery
 11/29  NO SEMINAR – Thanksgiving
 12/6  Dr. W. Andrew Hodge,   MD Eastern Maine Medical Center  Experience with an Invivo Pressure Instrumented Hip Joint  Memorial Union, Bangor Room

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