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Faculty and Staff - William Rivard, Ph.D.

rivardPh.D. (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1968)

Years of Service on the ME Faculty:
1986 – 1998 with 12 years of service

Areas of Expertise

Fluid flow in piping systems, pollution and sediment transport, fluid – structure interaction

Dr. Rivard served in the Mechanical Engineering Department as the Arthur O. Willey Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator from 1986 until his retirement in 1998. He taught an introductory course in computational methods for engineers and a graduate course in computational fluid dynamics. Research activities focused on the development of numerical solution methods in multidiscipline areas such as coupled fluid-structure interaction, chemically reacting fluid flow, and multiphase flow systems. Applications included offshore floating platforms, biomedical systems, two phase petroleum transmission lines, and space flight thermal control systems.

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