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Faculty and Staff - Senthil Vel

Senthil S. Vel, Ph.D.
Arthur O. Willey Professor of Mechanical Engineering


5711 Boardman Hall, Room 214
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5711
Phone: (207) 581-2777
Fax: (207) 581-2379

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Software for microstructural analysis

Dr. Senthil Vel is the Arthur O. Willey Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maine. His research encompasses a broad range of topics in theoretical and computational solid mechanics, including laminated composites, functionally graded materials, multiscale modeling,  computational micromechanics of heterogeneous materials and active structures.

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  • Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics
    Virginia Tech, 1998
  • M.A. Mathematics
    University of Pittsburgh, 1996
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering
    University of Pittsburgh, 1996
  • B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, 1993

Research Interests:

  • Theoretical and Computational Solid Mechanics – Exact solutions for thick anisotropic plates and shells, application of finite element and meshless methods, multiscale analysis of composite materials, computational micromechanics, mathematical homogenization of polycrystalline aggregates.
  • Composite Materials – Development of three-dimensional elasticity solutions for thick composite structures, vibration and dynamic response of composite structures, analysis of sandwich composite structures, tapered sandwich structures, random heterogeneous materials.
  • Functionally Graded Materials – Analytical and computational techniques for the transient coupled thermoelastic analysis of functionally graded structures, simulation-based design of advanced material systems, application of mathematical optimization techniques for the design of material composition, microstructure and structural topology.
  • Smart Structures – Analysis and applications of a class of smart structures composed of piezoelectric materials integrated with composite structures, piezothermoelastic analysis of smart structures, structural health monitoring, active vibration suppression using piezoelectric actuators.
  • Structural Optimization – Application of genetic algorithms for the optimization of composite structures and functionally graded materials, multi-objective optimization techniques for continuous and discrete design variables.

Honors and Awards:

  • Professor of the Year, Sigma Phi Epsilon, University of Maine, 2006.
  • Junior Achievement Award, American Academy of Mechanics, 2005. The award is given once a year, to one post-graduate researcher, to recognize outstanding research during the first decade of their professional career.
  • Dean’s Award of Excellence, College of Engineering, University of Maine, 2002 and 2004.
  • Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Teaching by Young Faculty, College of Engineering, University of Maine, October 2003.
  • Dean’s list of outstanding instructors for 1999-2000, College of Engineering, Virginia Tech.


  • MEE 150 Applied Mechanics Statics
  • MEE 252 Statics and Strength of Materials
  • MEE 370 Modeling, Analysis and Control of Mechanical Systems
  • MEE 381 Design II
  • MEE 450 Introduction to the Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • MEE 550 Mechanics of Laminated Composite Structures
  • MEE 554 Theory of Elasticity
  • MEE 557 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Selected Publications:

  • Vel S.S., 2010. Exact elasticity solution for the vibration of functionally graded anisotropic cylindrical shells, Composite Structures, 92: 2712–2727.
  • Vel, S.S., Goupee A.J., 2010. Multiscale thermoelastic analysis of random heterogeneous materials. Part I: Microstructure characterization and homogenization of material properties, Computational Materials Science, 48: 22-38.
  • Pelletier, J.L., Vel, S.S., 2006. Multi-objective optimization of fiber reinforced composite laminates for strength, stiffness and minimal mass, Computers & Structures, 84: 2065-2080.
  • Vel, S.S., Baillargeon B.P., 2005. Analysis of static deformation, vibration and active damping of cylindrical composite shells with piezoelectric shear actuators, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 127: 395-407.
  • Vel, S.S., Batra, R.C., 2004. Three-dimensional exact solution for the vibration of functionally graded rectangular plates, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 272: 703-730.
  • Vel, S.S., Batra, R.C., 2002. Exact solution for thermoelastic deformations of functionally graded thick rectangular plates, AIAA Journal, 40: 1421-1433.
  • Vel, S.S., Batra, R.C., 2000. Three-dimensional analytical solutions for hybrid multilayered piezoelectric plates, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 67: 558-567.

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