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Krish P. Thiagarajan, Ph.D - Krish Thiagarajan’s home page

I joined the University of Maine in 2011, as the Alston D and Ada Lee Presidential Chair in Energy.  Concurrently I am a Professor of Mechanical Engineering.  Until recently, I served as Professor of Mechanical engineering at the University of Western Australia in Perth.  From 2007 – 10, I was also leader of the Offshore and Subsea Facilities research program within the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance based in Perth.

Our research team:

  • Krish P Thiagarajan
  • Floating system dynamics
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Experimental methods
  • Model testing
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Zhigang (Kevin) Tian, Research Scientist
  • Air-sea interaction
  • Wave hydrodynamics
  • Experimental flow visualization
  • Michael Macnicoll (MSE)
  • Wave energy conversion
  • Wei-ting Hsu (PhD)
  • Offshore floating wind turbine dynamics.
  • Carlos Ariel (PhD)
  • Exchange student from Technical University of Madrid, Sep – Dec 2012.
  • Erich Engelhart
  • Work study
  • James Murphy
  • Work study

Affiliated members

  • Raul Urbina, PhD
  • Tidal energy systems
  • MuhamadKamarudinMEngSc (University of Western Australia)
  • Vortex-induced Vibration
  • MohamadAsamudin, PhD (University of Western Australia)
  • Current induced vibration in spars and circular FPSO


Refereed Journal Publications

  1. Thiagarajan, K P, and Repalle, N, “Wave run-up on columns of deep water platforms”, J. Eng Maritime Env. Special Issue on Structural Analysis of Deep Water Offshore Structures: Current status and emerging future trends, accepted on September 1, 2012 (Invited publication).
  2. Pistani, F. and Thiagarajan, K P, (2012) “Experimental measurements and data analysis of the impact pressures in a sloshing experiment”, Ocean Engng, vol 52 (1 Oct 2012), pp 60-74.
  3. Rafiee, A., Cummins, S., Rudman, M., and Thiagarajan, K. P., (2012) “Comparative study on the accuracy and stability of SPH schemes in simulating energetic free-surface flows”, European J. MechanicsB/Fluids doi:10.1016/j.euromechflu.2012.05.001. (Featured in the most downloaded articles from SciVerse ScienceDirect in the three month period from June – August 2012).
  4. Kiu, K Y, Stappenbelt, B and Thiagarajan, K P, (2011) “Effects of Uniform Surface Roughness on Vortex-induced Vibration of Towed Vertical Cylinders”, J. Sound Vibration 330, 20, 4753 – 4763.
  5. Thiagarajan, K P, Rakshit, D and Repalle, N, (2011) “The air-water sloshing problem: fundamental analysis and parametric studies on excitation and fill levels”, Ocean Engng., 38, 498 – 508.
  6. Rakshit, D, Narayanaswamy, R, and Thiagarajan, K P, (2011) “Estimation of entropy generation due to heat transfer from a liquid in an enclosure”, Aust & NZ Indust. Appl. Math. Jl 51 (EMAC 2009 special Edition) pp C852-873.

 Refereed conference proceedings

  1. Thiagarajan, K. P. and Tian, Z., (2012), Heading instability of moored ships in long waves, Proceedings 2012 SNAME Annual Meeting, Soc. Naval Arch. Marine Engrs. Providence, RI.
  2. Thiagarajan, K. P. and Dagher, H. J., (2012), State-of-the-art review of floating platform concepts for offshore wind energy generation, Proceedings 31st Int. Conf. Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engng. (OMAE 2012), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  3. Repalle, N, Rafiee, A, Thiagarajan, K P, Kantharaj, M, (2011) Simulation of free surface benchmark problems using level set and SPH Methods, Proceedings 30th Int Conf. Offshore Mech Arctic Eng (OMAE 2011), Paper 2011-49215, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  4. Rafiee, A, Cummins, S, Rudman, M, Thiagarajan, K P, (2011) The effect of pressure solution in SPH simulations of sloshing flow, Proceedings 30th Int Conf. Offshore Mech Arctic Eng (OMAE 2011), Paper 2011-49215, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  5. Pistani, F, Thiagarajan, K P, Roddier, D and Finnigan, T, (2011) Comparison of sloshing impacts for rectangular and chamfered LNG tanks, Proceedings 30th Int Conf. Offshore Mech Arctic Eng (OMAE 2011), Paper 2011-49452, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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