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Crosby Laboratory - Material and Fatigue Testing

Preparing sandwich panel for testing

Students Prepare Sandwich Panel for Testing

Test Equipment

  • Universal MTS Control System
    • 2-channel controller, Fatigue rated actuators of 22Kip, 55Kip, and 165 Kip capacity. 200 Kip capacity reaction frame with 2 ton overhead crane.
  • Material Test Systems
    • MTS 810 Test System – 110 Kip capacity with fatigue capabilities.
    • Baldwin Test System – 120 Kip Capacity, Satec Controller.
  • Instron Material Test System
    • 200lb maximum capacity with sensitivity to 100 grams.
  • High Temperature Testing
    • MTS 653 Furnace mounted to MTS 810 test system. 100° -1400° C temperature range, three temperature zones, 185mm x 62.5mm x 62.5mm internal clearance.
  • Elevated Temperature Flexural Testing
    • Oven capability to 350° F, can accommodate test articles 12″x 36″.
  • Material Characterization
    • Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines
      Sonntag Universal Impact Machine (Charpy and Izod impact testing)
  • Specimen Preparation Capabilities
    • FTS System Multicool cold bath tank, -200° C minimum.

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