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Your M Club $$$ at Work

Dedicated to Maine Athletes…Past, Present & Future

The following are examples of the ways in which the M Club has helped University of Maine Athletics. A general summation is here so you can see how your dues help those on campus, and how your continued support as a dues-paying member will help those who follow you as student-athletes at the University of Maine.

M Club Dean Smith and Other Awards - ($5,900)

Given to the top male and female student –athlete by the M Club each year. Other awards include M Club hats & pins for graduating senior letter winners, and watches for the top senior male and female student-athlete each year.

Support of Team Banquets - ($13,400)

Each year, the M Club helps defray the costs of team banquets, at the request of the coaches. The support given helps to cover the cost of meals for the athletes attending.

Items to Benefit Teams or Department of Athletics - ($50,180)

The M Club donates funds to help support tournaments, meets, and other athletic activities. It has also purchased a portable TENS unit and a defibrillator for the athletic training facility, bench coats for outdoor sports in inclement weather, a sound system for the weight room, hurdles, and swim racing suites. Video, timing and technology equipment; repairs of the track shed; a baseball batting cage, and a field hockey ball machine are also among the many donated items.

Alumni Events - ($32,300)

The Annual Meeting Breakfast held during UM Reunion in June – and the Silver & Gold Breakfast during Homecoming each year honoring those athletes who lettered 25 and 50 years ago are among these events.

Support of the Scholar-Athlete Program and UM Sports Hall of Fame - ($32,300)

Support of the Annual Senior Night - ($10,320)

Honorary M Inductions - ($6,400)

Honoring non-letter winners who have made significant contributions to help Maine athletics.

Other Notable M Club Donations

  • Sam Sezak Academic Center – ($6,000)
  • M. Club Athletic Scholarship Fund – ($20,600)
  • Buchanan Alumni House Donation – ($10,000)
  • “The Maine Book 1881 – 2007”, written by Stu Haskell – ($2,500)
  • Hall of Fame Room in Memorial Gym – ($2,500)
University of Maine M Club