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Style Guide - Trademarks & Licensing

UMaine MerchandiseThe University of Maine enjoys a rich heritage, national acclaim and a prestigious reputation as an outstanding public institution of higher education, research and public service. The growth of the university and its alumni base have produced a strong demand for products that display the trademarks, logos and symbols associated with the university.

Trademark licensing creates a positive working relationship among the university, manufacturers of products and the retail community. Licensing ensures that merchandise bearing University of Maine trademarks upholds the university’s image and that royalties are collected for UMaine scholarships.

Who Needs a License?

Any manufacturer of products bearing a mark of the University of Maine must be licensed before offering the product for sale. Retail outlets are responsible for ensuring that the merchandise they sell is licensed.

If your department wants to sell something bearing a UMaine logo, contact the Division of Marketing and Communications for information and assistance.

What Qualifies as a University of Maine Trademark?

A University of Maine trademark is any name, word, symbol or device used to identify the goodwill and/or services of the University of Maine. They include, but are not limited to artwork or graphic representations of the following:


  • The University of Maine

  • University of Maine

  • UMaine

  • Maine (if referring to UMaine)

  • Maine Black Bears

  • Black Bears

  • UMaine Black Bears

Who is Responsible for the University of Maine’s Licensing Program?

The University of Maine contracts with a collegiate licensing company, Licensing Resource Group (LRG). LRG provides more than 120 colleges and universities with core management needs such as royalty management compliance and enforcement, and merchandising, and brand development. You can find out more about LRG on the Web at

Day-to day administrative licensing reviews are handled through the Division of Marketing and Communications using LRG’s online approval system.

For more information contact LRG on the Web at: or call the Division of Marketing and Communications at 207-581-3758 or fax 207-581-3534.

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