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Style Guide - Go Blue!

An integral part of UMaine‚Äôs spirit campaign, GO BLUE is a widely-used theme and wordmark suitable for on- and off-campus use. A variety of projects use the GO BLUE logo and theme–one example is a presidential monthly email message to faculty, students and staff which keeps the campus community informed about current events and newsworthy happenings. A GO BLUE poster campaign known as “Points of Pride Posters” features student, alumni, faculty and staff photos with testimonial quotes about what UMaine means to them. These are displayed in high-traffic areas of buildings all around campus. The logo is used on merchandise, retail clothing, publications, banners, and there is even a website located at where all things related to GO BLUE can be accessed.

If you are interested in using the GO BLUE logo on your projects, it is available in university colors, PMS 289 dark blue and PMS 292 light blue, black and white.

Go Blue Light Blue

Go Blue Dark Blue

Go Blue White

Go Blue Black

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