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Style Guide - Glossary of Style Terms

The editorial style guide of the University of Maine Division of Marketing and Communications is based largely on the Associated Press Stylebook and Merriam-Webster Dictionary. For style questions not addressed specifically in the editorial guide, check those two primary references or contact the Division of Marketing and Communications.

academic degrees

associate degree












bachelor’s degree; master’s degree

She earned a master of business administration in 1998.

He earned a master of fine arts degree.

She received a bachelor’s in science.

academic honors

cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude


CCI (Climate Change Institute)

AEWC (Advanced Engineered Wood Composites) Center

LASST (Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology)

CFRU ( Cooperative Forestry Research Unit)

SMS (School of Marine Sciences)

ASAP (Association of Student and Administrative Publications)

DIC (Department of Industrial Cooperation)

DMC (Darling Marine Center)

SPA (School of Performing Arts)

CEAC (Classified Employees Advisory Council)

PEAC (Professional Employees Advisory Council)

SCEAC (Supervisory/Confidential Employees Advisory Council)

Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center


not advisor

Alfond Sports Arena

Harold Alfond Sports Arena; Harold Alfond Stadium; Morse Field

alternative break

formally UMaine’s LET’S (Learning and Exploration Through Service) Volunteer Alternative Spring Break Program. UMaine is a chapter of the national Break Away program; the first UMaine alternative break was in March 1998.

alumna, alumnus, alumnae, alumni

alumnae refers to a group of women who attended a school; alumna is female singular; alumnus is male singular; alumni refers to a group of all men or men and women who attended.

Alumni House

Robert D. Buchanan ’44 Alumni House


Do not hyphenate in ethnic identifications (i.e. African American, Asian American, Native American, North American).

Department of Art

not Art Department


University of Maine mascot

Black Bears

MAINE Black Bears, Black Bear basketball


Board of Trustees

University of Maine System Board of Trustees; never UMaine Board of Trustees. BOT as an abbreviation should be used sparingly.

Board of Visitors

University of Maine Board of Visitors



Canadian American Center


The “T” in The University of Maine is capitalized at the start of a sentence; lowercased when used in a sentence. The university is lowercased on second and further references. (i.e. The University of Maine is in Orono. She attends the University of Maine. At the university (or at UMaine), classes are in session.)


Council for Advancement and Support of Education

Center for Research on Sustainable Forests

chairperson, chair

Clarence Beckett Track and Field Complex

class year

first-year student, sophomore or second-year student, junior, senior

Class of `89

upperclass(man) – one word, referring to sophomores, juniors, seniors.

Upper-class, lower-class refers to socio-economic status


Cohen Center

William S. Cohen Center for International Policy and Commerce; Cohen

Center; Cohen Center Lecture Series — all in the College of Business, Public Policy and Health


College of Business, Public Policy and Health

College of Engineering

College of Education and Human Development

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture (note punctuation)

Honors College


In a simple series, omit the comma before the conjunction (The flag is red, white and blue).  In a complex series, use a comma before the conjunction to ensure clarity (For breakfast he had juice, eggs, and toast and jam.)

Among the formal names that are exceptions: the University of Maine College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

not the Department of Communication Disorders

Cooperative Extension

University of Maine Cooperative Extension (first reference)
UMaine Extension (second reference)
UMaine Extension xx County office
UMaine Extension Master Gardener

100 Corbett Business Building

formally the W. Stanley Devino Auditorium

course numbers and titles

ENG 101 – College Composition; Engineering Economics


Darling Marine Center

Ira C. Darling Center, Walpole


takes a plural verb


the 1960s, `60s

September 1991; Sept. 12, 1991

July 10, July 12, July 14, not July 10, 12, 14


the dean; Dean Harriet Jones

dean’s office

Office of the Dean

Deans Council

Dean’s List


Department of Philosophy, History Department, the department

not Dept. in text


person with disabilities, not disabled person


She is majoring in art and music.

doctoral, doctorate

She is in the doctoral program. (adjective)

He will receive a doctorate. (degree received)

Down East

Dwight B. Demeritt Forest

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