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Style Guide - Fonts & Colors

Font Suggestions

Adobe Garamond and Sabon are serif fonts most often used in UMaine publications. Franklin, Syntax and Frutiger are sans serif fonts most often used in UMaine publications. These font families work well together. One serif font and one san serif font are often used together in a publication.

Using Color on the Web vs. Print

Color channels represented on desktop computers and on television sets translate the Pantone Matching System colors which are used for print (CMYK) into red, green and blue (RGB).

Percentages for converting PMS colors to RGB colors are:

PMS 292 PMS 289
Red: 45.9% Red: 0%
Green: 57.3% Green: 5.5%
Blue: 78% Blue: 26.7%

Print jobs can be either spot color or process color.

When using spot color please specify PMS 292 or PMS 289.

When using process color (CMYK) please specify:

PMS 292 PMS 289
C: 72% C: 100%
M: 27% M: 60%
Y: 0% Y: 0%
K: 0% K: 56%

If you need help with this, call the Division of Marketing and Communications at 581-3758.

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