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Style Guide - Block Wordmark

The Informal Block Wordmark is used primarily on merchandise and athletic or school spirit projects. It is available in PMS 292, PMS 289 and black, with arched and straight lettering.

Block Maine - Dark Blue

Script “Maine”

Script ‘Maine’ is used primarily on uniforms and merchandise. This mark is reproduced in PMS 292 and PMS 289 and black. The Informal Script Wordmark may also contain team names or words like “black Bears” in the tail of the art. This text style should be a sans serif like Franklin, Helvetica, or Syntax.

The Block “M”

The Block “M” Mark was created for use on merchandise and as an accent mark for athletic uniforms. This mark is available in PMS 292, PMS 289 and black.

The Old English “M”

Use of the Old English “M” is reserved for baseball caps.

Departmental Logos

The once-popular practice of using a wide variety of individual department logos is discouraged. Instead, all are encouraged to use UMaine’s institutional logos on publications and websites to strengthen the brand and to send a consistent visual message to the general public. Department logo designs must be approved by the Division of Marketing and Communications, where designers are available to help conceptualize and create effective logo designs.

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