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The Crest Logo

The University crest embodies the history of the University of Maine and its position as the flagship university of the University of Maine System. UMaine’s traditional values are represented by the crest shape. The date refers to the university’s founding, and the three flags inside the crest represent the institution’s flagship status and symbolize its mission of teaching, research and public service. Maine’s natural resources, and the university’s position as a land grant university and Sea Grant College are depicted in the colors of light blue and dark blue that stand for the sea and sky.

The 1865 crest combined with the University of Maine wordmark is the cornerstone of the university’s comprehensive visual identity program. The custom lettering and crest artwork were developed as vector art, making it scalable to any size without losing clarity.

The UMaine crest logo is registered. All merchandise sold with the crest logo must include the ® symbol. Print publications and promotional materials do not need to show the ® symbol.

As the primary brand image for the University of Maine, the 1865 crest logo must appear on all UMaine publications, websites, and other forms of communications.