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Branding Toolbox - UMaine Print Templates

Branded Postage Stamps

Would you like to add a custom touch to your UMaine mailing? You can order First Class custom postage stamps featuring the MAINE crest logo at online postage sites such as or

Click here to download the Maine crest logo for your stamp.

You will be asked to upload an image from your computer. Link to this art and follow the steps online to create your stamps.

Print Templates

Flier Template
Flier Template Not for Display large
Flier Template (8.5×11) Quark (ZIP)Flier Template (8.5×11) InDesign (ZIP)
Brochure (multiple pages)


Brochure (8.5×11) Quark (ZIP)Brochure (8.5×11) InDesign (ZIP)
 Postcard Back (multiple pages)

Postcard (5.5×8.5) Quark (ZIP)Postcard (5.5×8.5) InDesign (ZIP)
 Postcard Front (multiple pages)

Postcard (5.5×8.5) Quark (ZIP)Postcard (5.5×8.5) InDesign (ZIP)
Newsletter (multiple pages)

Newsletter (8.5×11) Quark (ZIP)Newsletter (8.5×11) InDesign (ZIP)
Poster (24×36)


Poster (24×36) Quark (ZIP)Poster (24×36) InDesign (ZIP)
Bookmark One-Sided

Bookmark One-Sided

Bookmark One-Sided (2.5×8.5) Quark (ZIP)Bookmark One-Sided (2.5×8.5) InDesign (ZIP)
Bookmark Two-Sided

Bookmark Two-Sided


Bookmark Two-Sided (2.5×8.5) Quark (ZIP)Bookmark Two-Sided (2.5×8.5) InDesign (ZIP)

Certificate Version1Certificate Version 2

Certificate Instructions
Name Tag

Name Tag (For Avery Product 5395) Quark (ZIP)Name Tag (For Avery Product 5395) InDesign (ZIP)Name Tags (For Avery Product 5395) (Word)
Name Tag

Name Tag (For Avery Product 74459) Quark (ZIP)Name Tag (For Avery Product 74459) InDesign (ZIP)Name Tag (For Avery Product 74459) Word (Zip)
Name Tag

Name Tag (For Avery Product 74461) Quark (ZIP)Name Tag (For Avery Product 74461) InDesign (ZIP)Name Tags (For Avery Product 74461) Word (Zip)
Notecard Blue Crest Logo (multiple pages)

Notecard Blue (5.5×4.25) Quark (ZIP)Notecard Blue (5.5×4.25) InDesign (ZIP)Notecard Blue (5.5×4.25) (Word)
Notecard White Crest Logo (multiple pages)

Notecard White (5.5×4.25) Quark (ZIP)Notecard White (5.5×4.25) InDesign (ZIP)Notecard White (5.5×4.25) (Word)
Institutional Note cards
Additional notecard designs are available at Printing Services. To place an order, call 581.3765.
Research Poster (36×48)

Research Poster-36x48
Research Poster-36×48 (PowerPoint)
Research Poster (48×36)

Research Poster-48x36

Research Poster-48×36 (PowerPoint)
Report Cover

Report Cover (8.5×11) Quark (ZIP)Report Cover (8.5×11) InDesign (ZIP)Report Cover (8.5×11) (Word)
Branded UMaine Syllabus Template (optional)

Branded UMaine Syllabus Template (optional) (Word)
Thank You Card Blue

Thank You Card Blue (5.5×4.25) Quark (ZIP)Thank You Card Blue (5.5×4.25) InDesign (ZIP)Thank You Card Blue (5.5×4.25) (Word)
Thank You Card White

Thank You Card White (5.5×4.25) Quark (ZIP)Thank You Card White (5.5×4.25) InDesign (ZIP)Thank You Card White (5.5×4.25) (Word)


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