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Full Crest Logo

The primary brand image for the University of Maine is the full crest logo. The logo must appear on all UMaine publications, websites and other forms of communications. The logo must be prominent and dominant. The only exception is athletic/spirit communications which may use the MAINE Bear logo in place of the Full Crest logo.  

The full crest logo on light background colors

The three inside sails on the logo must always be light, surrounded by the darker box. The logo cannot be reversed, making the sails dark. The crest logo is registered and merchandise using it must include the ® symbol and must be sold through licensed vendors or with permission from the Division of Marketing and Communications. Print publications and in-house materials do not need the ® symbol.

Color options on light backgrounds:

UMaine_fullcrest 2 colors: 
  PMS 289 and PMS 292
fullcrest_logo 1 color: PMS 292
fullcrest_logo 1 color: PMS 289
fullcrest_logo_black 1 color: black
fullcrest_logo blackgray 1 color: 
  black and 30% black

The full crest logo on dark background colors

The UMaine crest logo is available with a white outline and white letters. This version
was designed for use on dark backgrounds and is commonly referred to as “the outline

crest logo outlined 2 colors: 
 PMS 289 and PMS 292
crest logo outlined 1 color: PMS 289