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More - Our Maine: The Way Life Is, student voices about living in rural Maine

Our Maine: The Way Life Is cover     “Our Maine:  The Way Life Is” CD Cover: click image to enlarge, click link to hear the audio.

The CD has an accompanying guidebook called “Writing About Place” by Rich Kent.



They started with the familiar – the things they knew like the people and places of their hometowns… and then the stories emerged. “Our Maine: The Way Life Is” is a collection of stories, poems, and essays written and read aloud by twenty-two students from across Maine.

The themes and traditions of the Pine Tree State run deep as these students, grades 3 to 12, share their thoughts and memories about home. The 29-minute CD has an accompanying guidebook called Writing About Place (PDF) by Rich Kent that provides teachers with ideas and activities for creating place-based writing and production opportunities for their classrooms.

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