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Anticipated Financial Aid

To view anticipated financial aid in MaineStreet, go to Student Self-Service > Student Center. In the Finances section of Student Center, click on Account Inquiry. You will see a summary of your account, including outstanding charges and deposits, pending financial aid and the total amount you owe. Anticipated financial aid shows in the Pending Financial Aid column. This includes all grants and University scholarships and will only include Stafford Loans which have been accepted in MaineStreet and outside scholarships after the scholarship check has been received.

Please report any funds in Anticipated Resources that are not already included as anticipated financial aid. If you have a remaining balance due after anticipated financial aid has been applied, you must report Anticipated Resources or pay the remaining balance by the bill’s due date in order to avoid a late payment fee. Outside scholarships or other outside assistance must also be reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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