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Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantship - 2013

Highlights from the 2013 SURA Program

In 2013, the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership welcomed six more hard-working undergraduate students to the SURA program.  The 2013 SURA Fellows were Paige Gallagher, Lindsay Graham, Eliza Kane, Scott Merrill, Yi Peng and Jean 2013 SURA Cohort in fornt of fireplace at Lookout PointStevens. All the students hailed from the University of Maine and the group included natives of Canada, the U.S. and China.  There were one pre-medical student; two College of Education and Human Development pre-service teachers (both double-majoring in mathematics); and biology, Earth sciences, marine sciences and engineering students.  All made valuable contributions to K-12 teachers, as part of the Teachers-in-Residence (TiR) Program, and to UMaine research faculty, through their work on a variety of education research projects. A few of them have continued their collaborations with research faculty following from their SURA research experiences.

Comments from 2013 SURAs

“Engaging in active discussion with teachers at Summer Academy to solve problems within the curriculum was an enlightening experience.”

Highlight: “Meeting so many teachers and making connections with people in my field. Summer Academy at SERC! Gorgeous!”

“Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a SURA. Working with my research mentor was an enlightening experience that really exposed me to the world of education research. This is the type of work that I could certainly see myself doing in the future …”

Highlight: “Learning and working with teachers at NQLB Conference, the conference was really interesting to me and gave me insight on what to expect at a teaching conference.”

“This has been a great opportunity for me and has made me realize that I may want to continue research when I graduate. I am definitely considering the MST Program as an option.”

Highlight: “Working with a research mentor on a topic that you previously have no background knowledge on was both terrifying and thrilling. Having the opportunity to choose the direction you wish to go in and actively working towards enriching the experience of students was a rewarding way to spend the summer.”

“I enjoyed working with and learning from all the teachers in TiR. I got to understand and work with the NGSS Standards. I enjoyed being the support system for the teachers this summer.”

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