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Faculty Incentive Grants - MLA Recruitment

Please read this entire page to find out what you need to do and how we can help you.

This Faculty Course Modification Incentive Grant (FIG) program is integrally tied to the Maine Learning Assistant program, which is modeled after the very successful Learning Assistant program developed at the University of Colorado. The MainePSP pays stipends to students who are hired to work in your classes as MLAs (Maine Learning Assistants).  This webpage explains what you need to do, and how the MainePSP will assist you, in recruiting, interviewing and hiring MLAs to provide extra instructional support for your FIG course.  You’ll also find promotional materials that you may use to advertise these positions.

Help us ensure we conduct a fair MLA selection.  Do not offer an MLA position to anyone who has not completed an application AND an interview.  This applies to returning MLAs as well.  MainePSP strives to ensure that new MLAs are moving through the program each year.  If you have any questions about re-hiring MLAs, please contact the coordinator at  Click here for information about the MLA Program.

Recruitment Schedule for Fall 2014:

MLA Open House — March 20th, 4:30-6pm, Hill Auditorium (165 Barrows Hall)

MLA Application Deadline — March 24th

MLA Interviews Begin — April 7th

MLA Hiring Completed — May 2nd

The MLA Recruiting Packet includes

TIP: Use the above resources as you see fit.   You might wish to target specific students by sending information to those who received excellent grades in your course last year. (You can obtain this information via the Faculty Center on MaineStreet: go to your course list for the relevant semesters and download a class/grade list.)

MLA Open House

The Fall 2014 MLA Open House is scheduled for Thursday March 20, 4:30 – 6:00pm, Arthur St. John Hill auditorium (165 Barrows Hall).  We will ask all current MLAs to attend and we ask that all FIG faculty who will need MLAs in the fall semester attend this event and briefly describe their courses to prospective MLAs.

Application Review and Candidate Selection

Starting March 24th, we will review all applications and screen them according to specific criteria.  We will share our recommendations with you, but you are welcome to review all the applications yourself as well.  The applications will be shared with you at that time.

Interview Schedule

We will work closely with you to coordinate the scheduling of interviews and hiring of candidates.  We need to make sure that all applicants have been notified after the hiring is completed, so your cooperation is much appreciated.

We recommend that you conduct interviews in blocks, with about 15 minutes per interview.  As the time approaches, we will request from you a schedule of your available blocks of time and your list of preferred interviewees, then we’ll schedule your interviews accordingly.  The Interview Schedule will be trackable in a Google Docs spreadsheet, which we’ll share with you. (Let us know if you are not familiar with Google Docs and we will come to your office to train you.  It’s very simple and will only take about 15 minutes.)

Final Notifications

Typically, faculty make the job offers themselves.  Feel free to make the offer any time AFTER both application and interview have been completed.  We can help you notify applicants who were NOT selected.  Positions are open until candidates have provided formal notice of acceptance, therefore we’ll need to communicate closely about which candidates have accepted positions or not.  We need to make sure we notify every candidate promptly.  Students are anxious to know your decision and may be considering other job offers.  ALSO, be aware that students’ financial aid arrangements could affect their ability to work as an MLA.  MainePSP pays their tuition for the MLA seminar but can not pay for University fees associated with the course.  A delay in your hiring decision could mean that a student you would like to hire is not able to work as an MLA, if they did not request enough financial aid to cover the additional fees.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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