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Faculty Incentive Grants - What’s it all about? See interviews!

How do UMaine Faculty Incentive Grant (FIG) faculty and Maine Learning Assistants (MLAs) work together to improve instruction in STEM courses?  And what benefits do the FIG and MLA programs offer UMaine students and the campus community?

Hear from some of the people involved–click on the video links to learn more

MAT 126 — Calculus I

MLA Roles and Teamwork (Vimeo)
Benefits (Vimeo)
Community Building (Vimeo)

Picture of Professor Jen Tyne sitting in chair, gesturing while talking to interviewer with plant, shelf and wall calendar behind her.

For her Faculty Incentive Grant (FIG) course reform, Jen Tyne, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, recently switched to a completely flipped classroom model and uses MLAs as an integral component of her teaching strategy.

Picture of Maine Learning Assistant, Michaela Price, talking to interviewer and gesturing, seated with shelf, plant and calendar behind her.

Michaela Price worked as a Maine Learning Assistant for Jen Tyne in fall 2013, providing instructional support to students.


Picture of Graduate Teaching Assistant, Douglas Weathers, gesturing and talking to the interviewer, seated with plant, shelf and calendar in the background.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Douglas Weathers, also worked for Jen Tyne.  He gives a graduate student’s perspective on the value of the MLA Program.

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