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Resources for Teachers - Teaching Partners

To help support our piloting teachers with planning and implementation, we’ve created the Teaching Partner role. This position is typically filled by undergraduate STEM education students, graduate MST students, and STEM faculty/staff members.  Teaching Partners are matched one-to-one with a piloting teacher and will support that individual teacher on a weekly basis throughout the semester or year. Teaching Partners are expected to spend 6 hours per week on their assignment, with at least 3 of those hours in person with the teacher and/or in the classroom. The responsibilities of a Teaching Partner include helping a teacher with lesson preparation and planning, assisting with set-up and clean-up of classroom activities, facilitating small group discussions in class, helping with differentiated instruction, providing content support if requested, and offering general consultation on the new instructional resources.

We heard very clearly from our piloting teachers that these Teaching Partners would be most useful if they could offer a deep understanding of the PBIS and SEPUP resources. For this reason, the PSP has provided content-specific professional development for all Teaching Partners.  Many of our Teaching Partners participated in the Summer Academy and Teacher in Residence program alongside the teachers this year.  Those with less experience with the materials have been working with the instructional resources lesson by lesson in weekly professional development workshops.

An added benefit of the Teaching Partner role is the collaboration and feedback happening amongst Teaching Partners outside of the classroom.  All of the Teaching Partners supporting SEPUP teachers, for example, are able to share what they observe and learn during classroom visits.  As commonalities and best practices emerge from their discussions, the Teaching Partners are able to communicate these suggestions and tips back to their piloting teachers.


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