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Curriculum Selection - Timeline

Here are some deadlines for the evaluation process for middle school materials:

January 15: 3rd full day meeting of the Curriculum Evaluation Task Force at the University of Maine.

January 29: Follow-up meeting of the Task Force:

  • check-in on the review process
  • clarification of tasks and goals
  • early feedback and adjustment based on feedback

By late January, university researchers will have gathered data on the leading curricula, while also finding examples of schools using the curricula.

February 14: Curriculum coordinators meeting

  • describe review process
  • discuss process by which schools become pilot testers of materials in 2011-2012 school year

February and March: School visits to users of curricula in New England

A subset of the Task Force and Leadership Team will visit schools using the candidate curricula. The full Task Force will receive a report about these visits by late February.

March 5: Task force meeting. Switch of curriculum materials.

March 11: During the annual Maine High School Physics and Physical Science Teachers meeting at the University of Maine:

  • A curriculum showcase with workshops to give detailed view of the leading candidate curricula
  • A review of the CETF process, with reports from task force teams and a discussion period with teachers

March 29 leadership mtg:

  • oral reports from the different teams to summarize the curricula
  • review of evaluation process
  • review of selection criteria

April: Report writing in which task force recommendations as well as other information are combined.

April 9: Task force meeting.

Early May: Leadership team gets final reports.

Middle May: Leadership team makes final decision

June 27: Summer academy begins

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